Northwoods Spotlight - Lumberjack show Aug 14 Submitted: 08/14/2013
MINOCQUA - The Northwoods has a history rich with lumberjacks. In Minocqua, a show featuring lumberjacks is performed 5 times a week. It shows the history and skills used by these legendary outdoor workers. They wear flannel shirts, chop wood, throw axes, and put on quite a show. These modern day lumberjacks perform 10 times a week in Woodruff and Hayward to hundreds of adoring fans. "Timber sports actually started because the loggers wanted to see who was better," explains Sam Fenton who has been performing for six years.

"A lot of people don't realize the tradition of the sport," Charlie Fenton adds - another performer. "How far its come over the years and how much its grown." So how does someone become interested in becoming a lumberjack? Darby Hand is in his second year with the show. "I've gone to several lumberjack competitions as a kid," Hand said. "After watching all that I thought I had to do this - this is so exciting." "I watched a competition when I was in middle school," Sam Fenton exclaims. "I convinced my dad to get me a hatchet. I chopped down one of the trees in the back yard. That's when they knew I was kind of hooked." Lori Ring is the announcer for the program. "These guys are athletes first of all," Ring says. "But we also have a mix of comedy in between the events and they're really good actors."

Story By: Marisa Silvas

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