Kids learn engineering skills at camp Submitted: 07/19/2013
EAGLE RIVER - Max Lurvey dreams big dreams. "My dream is to be a professional basketball player." That's a pretty common dream for a seventh grader. But what's uncommon about Max: he already has a back-up plan. "I want to do something in mathematics if that doesn't work out." That's why Max is at engineering camp at Northland Pines High School for the second year in a row. Josh Fuller has been running the camp for six years.

"I think the kids have a lot of fun, but we also do it in a way where they're challenged," Fuller said. "They're hands-on projects, they're building things, we're making them think outside the box a little bit." Thinking outside the box prepares these kids for higher learning. The camp focuses on their STEM skills - science, technology, engineering, and math. "We're trying to get kids excited about things we do at the high school that's STEM-related," Fuller said. You might think it would be hard to get kids excited about going back to school in the summer. But they're actually encouraging each other to go. "I'd heard about it from some seventh graders last year and they said it was fun," Max said. "Word-of-mouth has helped this camp," said Fuller. Now, Max can pass the word along. "The kids here are always having fun and it's a great opportunity," he said. "I've just enjoyed it a lot, so it's a great thing to do." Max also knows camp will help him out later. "It'll help me out a lot."

Story By: Lex Gray

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