$200,000 bail remains for mother charged with trying to kill her kids Submitted: 06/25/2013
MEDFORD - Divorce can be devastating, and everyone deals with it differently. But police say a Taylor County woman dealt with it by trying to kill herself and her four youngest children. Heidi Mann of Rib Lake told police she wanted to die and be in heaven with her four kids. She tried to make that happen in March. Mann told her psychiatrist she put her kids in the car, got in, and left it running in the garage for two hours.

The doctor went to police, and Mann was arrested in June. Her bail was set at $200,000. Today, her attorney Shawn Paul tried to bring that amount down so she could get therapy. "The concern about the likely hood of fleeing, I don't see that here," Paul said. "You don't warehouse a person for each treatment in jail, by setting up such a high cash bond that they can't post it." Taylor County judge Ann Knox-Bauer kept bail at $200,000. Kassi Vandevoort is the Mann's neighbor. She has known Heidi's husband Mark since she was a kid. She calls Mann's action's unthinkable. "It made me sick to my stomach, to know that how can you harm your four kids and yourself," Vandevoort said. "If you had problems, talk to somebody about it, Don't take your kids' lives, let them enjoy it and try to fix yours." Mann will be back in court July 19th. If a rehab center accepts Mann's application, the judge could lower bail so she can get out of jail and attend rehab.

Story By: Adam Fox

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