Sixth annual Three Lakes Shootout brings the crowds out Submitted: 06/22/2013
THREE LAKES - A shootout in Three Lakes brought hundreds of people out to Big Stone Lake. But there were no guns involved, just boats. "Oh it's a blast. It's better than anything out there. Just hanging it loose and see what happens." said speed boat racer, George Girten. Hundreds of people wanted to see what would happen when a boat goes 100 miles per hour on a lake. Saturday marked the 6th annual Three Lakes Shootout on Big Stone Lake.

The event started because they needed to build a second fire house in Three Lakes. "This allowed us to use tourist dollars to build the fire house rather than having to raise taxes even more," said event chairman, Jim Leatzow. "So we thought that made a lot of sense. So we started that." They were able to raise the money for the second fire house. They contributed $18,500, but it was mainly paid for by the Three Lakes Town Board and electors over the course of five years. The total cost for the fire house was $181,500. To show their appreciation the town dedicated a plaque and sign to the fire chief who helped make it all happen. "The town has been super supportive of that project and the community has been very supportive," former Fire Chief, Herb Stuckert said. "I can't say enough for everybody who has been around us. Even the spectators." To many, the purpose for this water show touches home. "My uncle's a fireman in Illinois. So this is a great way to get money for everyone else around here that's in a fire department." said Arlington Heights, Illinois resident, Julie Schmitz. Another unique show on the water also helped bring people out, the Sledfooters Sled and Ski Show. "We've snowmobiled in the past. I would never ever think of putting one on a lake. It was really cool," Arlington Heights, Illinois resident, Linda Schmitz said. "We've water skied, never would we water ski behind a snowmobile, but that's awesome. It's fun to watch." Stuckert says they're already planning for next year to be bigger and better.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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