Concert Benefits Raising Awareness For Lyme Disease Submitted: 05/19/2013
CRANDON - We normally go to concerts to enjoy music or see our favorite bands live. But last night's concert had a little something extra. This concert was meant to raise awareness on Lyme disease at Crandon High Scool. Sue Reeder was recently diagnosed with the disease, 15 years after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. "I always felt like there was something not quite right with that diagnosis," Reeder said.

"I searched in that fifteen years for a Lyme disease diagnosis but was always told no." Lyme disease is transmitted from the bite of infected ticks. "So I assumed it could have happened along the way when I was doing something outside. I didn't have a bulls-eye rash. I did not have any of the classic fever, aches and pains in the beginning. It was more of a slow progression from the start." said Reeder. But what she does know is that it's important to have advanced testing done. "Be more adamant with your doctor to do something if you're feeling like you have the symptoms of Lyme disease." Reeder said. "Or if you've been bitten, you have a rash, make sure there's somebody doing something about it." The easiest preventative measure is to double check your clothes when you come in the house. "Use some repellant and check yourself over. Throw your clothes in the dryer. It will kill any ticks on there from the heat. Check yourself. Take a shower. Check your kids. Check your pets. Make sure everybody is clean especially before you go to sleep if you sleep with your animals." Reeder hopes to make this concert an annual event.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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