Bird Enthusiasts Enjoy Northwoods Birding Festival Submitted: 05/12/2013
MANITOWISH WATERS - Temperatures dropped this weekend, but that didn't stop bird enthusiast from experiencing mother natures winged creatures. The 9th Annual Northwoods Birding Festival was at the North Lakeland Discovery Center. It was a two day event. Bird enthusiast had the chance to build bird houses and see live raptors. "Beginners, advanced, it's all just kind of a good way to get out. First part of the season, listen for the birds," said North Lakeland Discovery Center Assisant Director, Katie Simonsen.

"So the more advanced birders can help the people who are just learning how to hear them and identify them. Really just even how to use binoculars." One of the workshops at the festival was Loon watching. Loons were literally falling out of the sky due to a ice storm recently. One of the coordinators wants people to know how they can help when they find a loon in trouble. "There may be a Wisconsin DNR warden or someone who can come out and help it, but the important thing is to stay with the loon until someone gets there because the loon is incredibly vulnerable," Loon Watch Coordinator, Erica LaMoine said. "They cannot take off from land. They need a quarter mile water runway to be able to achieve flight." The birding festival happens once a year, but there will be bird identification workshops at the discovery center in the near future.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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