Firewall Construction Bid Accepted at Pines Submitted: 05/09/2013
EAGLE RIVER - Northland Pines voters decided in February to pay more to educate their kids. They also decided to pay more to protect their school buildings. Voters approved $240,000 to install firewalls in the K-8 building. Firewalls work to block smoke and flames from moving quickly into different parts of the building. This project will fill in any spaces between the ceiling and the roof line.

Doing that can delay smoke and fire for up to an hour so the building doesn't become a total loss. Buildings and grounds supervisor Fritz Krall says the project won't disrupt any part of the school year. "As far as our normal summer cleaning, obviously we're anticipating a little glitch in the giddyup so to speak," Krall said. "But we're expecting it to be done smoothly and be done on time." Miron Construction bid $210,000 for the job. They're scheduled to start June 10 and finish up by August 12.

Story By: Lex Gray

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