Nicolet College's dual credit program size nearly doubles in four years Submitted: 04/30/2013
RHINELANDER - Paying for college keeps getting harder and harder. Wisconsin schools raised tuition rates pretty much every budget session lately. That makes finishing school in a timely manner financially important. Nicolet College in Rhinelander helped start the transcripted credit program four years ago. Students can earn some college credits while still in high school. They learn college-level material in their own high school classrooms, taught by their own teachers - all while earning both high school and college credit.

Nicolet College president Elizabeth Burmaster thinks students are up to the challenge. "It is a college course that is rigorous and demanding," Burmaster said. "But it is offered to high school students, so they have to be ready for it and they have to work hard in order to succeed in any college course." Nicolet's program began at Rhinelander and Elcho High Schools. But it's nearly doubled in the last four years, reaching most Northwoods districts. Students can now get credits in business, accounting, welding and medical fields through Nicolet. More than 21,000 students statewide take part through local technical colleges.

Story By: Lane Kimble

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