Tomahawk Church Members Gives Back on Easter Submitted: 03/31/2013
TOMAHAWK - This holiday, for many people means preparing dinner at home, and spending time with your family. But for parishioners at Saint Paul Lutheran in Tomahawk, it means giving back to the community. "I'd like to wish everybody a very blessed Easter and the resurrection of Christ bring joy to their hearts." said Saint Paul Lutheran Church Pastor, Mark Schoenherr. That's exactly what Easter means to some residents in Tomahawk.

"Caring and sharing is what it's mostly all about," Tomahawk resident, Debbie Carlson said. "A new beginning for me and meeting all these people." This is Saint Paul Lutherans Church's fourth annual Community Easter Dinner at the Sara Park Activity Center. Feeding more than 100 people was not an easy task. "We have a family in our church, the Hanson's family and Christ Care Group in our church that has really taken the potato duty to heart," said Community Easter dinner organizer, Sue Hawkins. "They actually peel potatoes and make a homemade meal and they've been working on this since Thursday." Even though this was a free dinner, people felt the need to give back. "We put in a donation. We are very thankful that they have this." said Tomahawk resident, Debra Miller. "We gave a donation of course, but it's somewhere we can go and be with others and not just the two of us." Carlson said. For people who couldn't make it out, the volunteers made special deliveries. "People that know people, know neighbors that will be alone or wouldn't be able to come here, so we wanted to make sure that they had a little visit and delivery made out to them." said Hawkins. "There's people that don't just have an illness," Carlson said. "Maybe they're by themselves and they don't have a way to get here. So anybody in need, it's not a handout, it's a giving." Delivered meals aren't just for the elderly. "We like to deliver to some of our public service employees in the community because they have to work holidays and a lot of people don't have to work," Hawkins said. "So we will be dropping off some meals for them." If you missed Sunday's dinner you can always check out Open Arms Soup Kitchen for their dinners on Tuesday.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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