Letters to Larry the Logroller Submitted: 03/22/2013
WABENO - When a loved one goes to the hospital, you might send a get-well card. In Wabeno, that also applies to giant statues. "Dear Larry the Logroller, I heard about your terrible accident," wrote third grader Baylee Chrisman. "I bet the guy that did it is very sorry." Larry the Logroller is a beloved, 21-foot icon in Wabeno. But a tree hit Larry in January. It knocked him down and damaged him badly.

So today, students at Wabeno Elementary wrote get-well letters. "How are you? Was it fun being on the news?" wrote third grader Natalie Johnson. "I'm glad you survived your terrible accident. The park is bare without you." A local business built a 30-foot snowman to sub in for Larry this winter, but students say no one can replace their logroller. "Larry's more fun," Braylee said. Larry is being treated in Denmark, Wisconsin. He'll be back in early spring, just as his snowman replacement melts away.

Story By: Lex Gray

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