UPDATE: Marathon County Sheriff deciding to retire, has been under scrutiny over work schedule Submitted: 02/22/2013
WAUSAU - After 12 years at the top of Marathon County Law enforcement, Sheriff Randy Hoenisch will retire soon. The sheriff held a press conference today in Wausau. Earlier this week, the Wausau Daily Herald revealed he booked fewer than two office hours so far in all of 2013. He wouldn't explain why that was, but says that's one of the reasons why he's retiring.

The other is the likelihood that his wife will be sentenced to jail. An emotional Sheriff Hoenisch began today by addressing his wife's legal troubles. Kim Hoenisch will be sentenced in April on charges of burglary and misconduct. She was fired from her job in December as a Marathon County probation and parole agent. He says the situation had a profound effect on his job as sheriff. "What I didn't realize at the time was the effect it would have, on every aspect of my life including mentally, physically and emotionally," said Hoenisch. Sheriff Hoenisch originally wanted to announce his retirement in April. He described the journey to this decision as an emotional one. "I would tell people I'm somewhere between suicide and suicide. You can't imagine the rollercoaster ride. And, I guess I forgot to touch on this. The thing that was most difficult, in this whole situation is one shoulder is I see myself as a husband, and the other shoulder I see myself as the sheriff," said Hoenisch. The main reason for his retiring is to be with his family. He has 4-year-old twin sons, who sat with him during part of his press conference. Hoenisch still needs to send in official paperwork regarding his retirement, which he says should take between 2-3 weeks.

Story By: WJFW News Team

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