Medford Rep. Williams hopes to keep mining costs to towns in check Submitted: 02/12/2013
MADISON - The leader of the state Assembly mining committee wants to make sure towns aren't burdened by infrastructure costs behind a new mine. Representative Mary Williams is a Medford Republican and chair of the Assembly mining committee. A GOP-written mining bill passed her committee last week on a party-line vote. That bill was based on one last year aimed at relaxing the mine permitting process.

But there are some differences this time. "We're working on the amount of money the townships would get," Representative Williams said. "That's a big issue. They don't want to be doing all kinds of infrastructure and not have the money. That is one big thing." She says the other big change from last year is concern for environmental protections. This session's mining bill now goes before the Joint Finance Committee before heading to the floor.

Story By: Ben G Meyer

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