Antigo Revitalizes Downtown Main Streets Submitted: 01/30/2013
ANTIGO - When you think of revitalizing a downtown area, reconstruction might come to mind. But that's not the case for one local community. Antigo was one of 20 cities selected to participate in Connect Communities Program. The program was created by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. Excutive Director Christine Berry says this is very similar to the WEDC.

"It really engages the local business owners to buy in a becoming stake holders in their community, said Berry. "And it opens them up to a whole host of tools that are made available through the main street program." The program will give Antigo the tools to move forward with bringing in new events. There are physical plans to revitalize the downtown area too, but that's well into the future. "This is really the first step to get these businesses unified and going towards the same goals, objectives and working together, Berry said. "So I really feel fortunate that we were chosen to be a connect community."

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Story By: Shardaa Gray

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