Homemade Shovel Race Submitted: 01/26/2013
CRANDON - In the middle of a Northwoods winter, some frosty fun might be what you need. One thrill-seeking group in Crandon has you covered. The goal was to build the fastest sled or shovel to blur past the competion. In Crandon, it was winner take all at the 3rd-annual Homemade Shovel Race. No matter how wacky the design--top speed was king in this competition. Race Coordinator Benjamin Dewing got this contest started to get the community active. He definitely know's what it takes to hit the hay the quickest.

"Skis work really well. Otherwise the less surface area the better. On a weekend right before the Superbowl What better thing to do than to hit the slopes This competition's fastest sled went to Jonah Dewing. His ride topped out at 21-miles per hour. "You get to race against all the other kids and when you crash. It doesn't Hurt."

Story By: Ryan Abney

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