Wisconsin Tribe Expresses Concern on Proposed Mine Submitted: 01/10/2013
WAUSAU - The leader of the Bad River tribe is concerned for the future of our environment. He says if the iron mining legislation rejected last year comes back, it will be the obliteration of the Bad River watershed. Tonight's meeting in Wausau, pointed towards inspiring others to say no to iron mining. The tribe's concerned toxins like sulfuric acid will leak into nearby water and land.

Iron mining is currently on the minds of many Wisconsin legislators. But tribe leader Mike Wiggins Jr. says the tribe is also focused and prepared to take action. "One of the things we have that we're confronted with is the human rights issue of this particular mining company's activities. Essentially disproportionally hurting us, and you know we are prepared to do different things to try and protect ourselves along those lines," said Bad River Tribe leader Mike Wiggins Jr. Wiggins' concern extends to how future generations will be impacted by mining. He hopes discussion now can lead to working together to find an economically friendly solution. "We're looking for co-existence, mutual respect, and an acknowledgement that it's not a sustainable type of project. If you're looking at the ability for us to be living our lives in a good way, moving out 500 years, 1000 years- way beyond the boom and bust economy of extractive industry," said Wiggins Jr. A vote on a bill to overhaul state mining regulations could happen as soon as March. If favorable laws pass, supporters say the mine could bring 700 jobs to northern Wisconsin.

Story By: Hayley Tenpas

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