Teacher shortage affects some Price County school districtsSubmitted: 08/17/2018
Dakota Sherek
Dakota Sherek

Teacher shortage affects some Price County school districts
PRICE COUNTY - A pair of Northwoods school districts could start the year without teachers to lead certain classes. Teacher shortages have left some districts looking for options to provide a full education. 

"It's very hard to find top quality teachers anymore," said Prentice District Administrator Randy Bergman.

Bergman knows that's nothing new in his Prentice School District.

"At one time when I had applications for elementary I had 125 sitting on my desk and now I might have six," said Bergman. 

The District Administrator says the lack of applicants left his district with just one candidate for mathematics this year. But Prentice isn't the only school district finding it difficult to get new teachers. 

"We knew heading into this it was going to be hard to find a replacement," said Phillips School Superintendent Rick Morgan. 

Morgan says his students will be without a world language teacher, after the previous teacher took another job.

"They're going to receive that curriculum a little bit differently," said Morgan. 

Phillips students will take foreign language classes through the Rural Virtual Academy. It's an online-based program that the Prentice school district also uses. 

"It's our only option," said Morgan.

An option that both districts agree isn't ideal.

"Live, face-to-face, right in the classroom," said Morgan. "That's the design I think everyone would agree would be best."

"I think they need that time to socialize and problem solve with other people during the school day," said Bergman. 

Bergman believes the shortage is an issue affecting states beyond Wisconsin, and that overall, teachers need more support. 
"Their profession is very worthy," said Bergman. "Without teachers where would we be in this county? I think they feel like that's not a part of them anymore and we need to bring that back."

Morgan says retired German and Spanish teachers still living in the area plan to visit the Phillips schools during the week to help students with virtual classes. 

The district hopes to have a foreign language teacher hired for the 2019 - 2020 school year. 

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MADISON, WIS. (AP) - Madison officials say Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents violated city policy by detaining at least six immigrants without letting police know ahead of time.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval says the department has a working relationship with ICE, but the federal agency did not follow protocol. Koval says ICE has agreed to call the assistant police chief before making arrests in Madison. This time the agency called the Dane County Communications Center.

Koval says the arrests were made at separate workplaces and are not considered to be part of a raid. He says the community is in "hyper-warp distress mode."

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin says ICE told city officials the people arrested are believed to have committed serious crimes, but he does not know the specifics of the investigation.

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Authorities say the Toyota SUV apparently failed to yield the right of way at a stop sign. The three men died at the scene. Authorities say they apparently were not wearing seat belts.

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THREE LAKES - After 30 years, Dr. George Karling decided it's time to retire as the Three Lakes District Administrator.

He plans to leave after the school year ends, but the school board is already preparing to find his replacement.

Early next month, the Three Lakes School District will host two input sessions for the public.

Three Lakes residents can go to give their opinions on what they want in a replacement. 

Karling's decision to retire comes about a month after he faced criticism for allowing the district to be featured in a campaign ad for Gov. Scott Walker. 

People who can't make it can still send their thoughts to the Three Lakes Board of Education. People can submit comments by writing to:

Board of Education, Three Lakes School District
6930 West School St. 
Three Lakes, WI 54562 

or email: tr@threelakessd.k12.us.

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16-year-old Angel Marie Simonson was found safe in Marshfield according to the Wisconsin Department of Justice. 

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