Antigo School District plans to build new school forest education centerSubmitted: 08/10/2018
Dakota Sherek
Dakota Sherek

Antigo School District plans to build new school forest education center
LANGLADE COUNTY - One Northwoods school district wants to increase the number of classes it offers outside of the classroom. 

"We want to give them those outdoor experiences," said Antigo School Forest Coordinator Mike Werdeo.

The Antigo School District has a school forest to provide some of those experiences, but some people would like to make that forest more useful during the school year. Werdeo said the area the school district currently uses isn't ideal.

"Just like a picnic shelter, doesn't have a lot of amenities, and it's not usable all year-round," Werdeno said. 

So the district made plans to build the Noboken School Forest Environmental Education and Community Center. The plans include a classroom, open area, and kitchenette. 

Werdeo said the goal of the project is for it to be a place that all classes, and the community, will be able to use. 

"You think a lot about science when you think about nature," said Werdeo. "But really any discipline can make use of the outdoors." 
Werdeo says the endless number of opportunities for students is something the community can get behind.

"As we've been doing our fundraising, we've had a lot of really positive comments and good support from people," said Werdeo. 

The school district needs to raise $500,000 to build the new structure. It hopes to start building next spring.

"We're on the right track and hopefully this project will move us forward," Wedeo said. 

Werdeo said he and others in the district are willing to give tours and provide more information for anyone who has questions.

To find out how to contact him, or where you can donate, visit the Antigo School District webpage linked below. 

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