Two candidates running for Lincoln Co. sheriff Submitted: 06/13/2018
Allie Herrera
Allie Herrera

Two candidates running for Lincoln Co. sheriff
LINCOLN COUNTY - It's fitting two yard signs sit close to each other along Main Street in Merrill when you consider the two candidates running for sheriff sit on similar sides when it comes to bigger issues.

"I'd like to make cuts where we can make cuts," said Ken Schneider, who's currently a Lincoln County patrol lieutenant. 

"[I want to] evaluate everything and then determine what we need versus what we want," said Pete Borchardt, who's currently a Merrill Police Department patrol officer. 

Both Schneider and Borchardt want to take a closer look at budgets and see what change, if any can be made.

They'd also like to improve on the relationship the sheriff's office has with other agencies in the county.

Earlier this month, Schneider posted a chart comparing the two candidates on Facebook.

"I believe the reason why that was posted was to boast his qualifications and to belittle me. I'm not going to run a negative campaign and I don't want to say anything negative about the other side," said Borchardt. 

Schneider says his experience at the sheriff's office, which goes back more than 25 years, is part of the reason why he stands out from his opponent. Over the years Schneider has been in several supervisory positions. 

"I have a lot of experience in almost every portion of this agency, either working there or supervising there," said Schneider. 

Schneider said he posted the comparison chart because he found people didn't know each candidates background or experience. Newswatch 12 asked Schneider if he reached out to Borchardt before making the chart. He said he didn't. 

Borchardt, on the other hand, says his 20 years working with the Merrill Police Department as a patrol officer, has prepared him to lead the sheriff's office. 

Borchardt also wants to focus on serving the public the right way, addressing drug issues in the county, and making potential changes to the take home squad program. He says squad cars should stay within the county and it's his understanding some deputies don't live within county limits. 

"I don't have any allegiance to anyone there so I'm going to be a boss not a buddy," said Borchardt.
Both candidates will be running as Republicans. 

The Lincoln County Sheriff primary election will be August 14.

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