Tomahawk School District asks for community input with survey, will apply for school safety grant Submitted: 05/25/2018
Allie Herrera
Allie Herrera

Tomahawk School District asks for community input with survey, will apply for school safety grant
TOMAHAWK - Two months ago, Governor Scott Walker signed a $100 million school safety plan into law. The bill includes grants specifically for security upgrades in schools. 

The Tomahawk School District plans to apply for a grant and hopes to use feedback from the community to come up with a plan. The school has to submit the grant by June 8. 

The Tomahawk School District wanted to start a conversation with its community about school safety. Earlier this spring, it hosted safety roundtable discussions to do just that. 

"We thought we could get more information from our communities," said Superintendent Terry Reynolds. 

In May, the district sent out a 12-question school security survey. Reynolds hopes responses will help the school finalize its grant proposal. 
"[It] could mean, you know, a total of $60,000 for our district," said Reynolds. 

Reynolds says some priorities include securing main entrances and adding shatter proof glass to certain areas. 

"It's nice to see that our district is listening," said Renee Raasch who has two kids in the Tomahawk School District.

She filled out the survey and says it's a step in the right direction. 

"It gave people an alternative method to getting some response back for this very serious topic," said Raasch. 

That topic is also one Superintendent Reynolds says the district is taking seriously. Reynolds says getting this grant would help them serve the community's needs. 

"It's very encouraging and any little bit helps, that's for sure," said Reynolds. 

Reynolds sent Newswatch 12 these survey results. He said 458 people responded to the survey. 
  • School Security was rated as extremely important - by 76.8 % of the respondents, Important by 17.3% and average importance by 4.8%.
  • 84.6% expressed that they would support a higher level of security clearance (such as a video intercom system) at each main building entrance in order to enter the facility.
  • 78.6% would support more restrictive access to the entire facility; with limited areas and times community could access the weight room, gyms, pool, and hallways.
  • 89.7% would support the installation of shatter proof resistant film on glass entryways and classroom doors.
  • 84.1% would support the hiring of a Resource Officer in the district.
Newswatch 12 also asked Reynolds about the possibility for a school resource officer. Reynolds said this specific grant would not be for a resource officer, but the school will continue looking into it. He said the district plans to keep working the Tomahawk Police Department and the City of Tomahawk.

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PRENTICE - Right now, anyone can walk into the Prentice School District building at just about any time.

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The district is concerned about security, but says a solution is expensive.

That will all change starting this summer.

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