Eagle River artist carves new sign for the Wolf Pack Café in St. GermainSubmitted: 05/18/2018
Story By Katie Thoresen

Eagle River artist carves new sign for the Wolf Pack Café in St. Germain
ST. GERMAIN - Looking around Kathy Lass's restaurant in St. Germain, it's pretty obvious why she and her husband named it the Wolf Pack Café 19 years ago. 

"We had a lot of artwork that had wolves on it, so it was a no-brainer," said Lass. "We took the pictures off the walls of our house and hung them in the café and decided the Wolf Pack Café was it."

That theme will carry over to the café's new sign.

"Well, the old one was ready to fall down, so I thought before it hurts somebody I better replace it," said Lass. 

When it came time to replace it, only one artist came to mind.

"I just couldn't think of anybody else but Kenny Schels," she said. 

Lass knew of Schels work. She'd hired him before to make the sign on the front of the café. 

"Wolf Pack Café has a wonderful reputation here. They have a lot of business. It's a class act, and I think they need a sign on the highway here to match that," said Schels. 

Schels and his team spent Friday carving wolves on top of the new poles that will hold the already completed sign.

"Just, I can't describe how amazing I thought it looked. It's beautiful. He actually outdid himself,"
said Lass. 

It's a work of beauty Schels will always be proud of.

"As I drive by this sign probably for the rest of my life, it will put a smile on my face," he said. 

It's also one that Lass hopes will inspire that same proud feeling in her town.

"Just take pride in your town, that's all. I think this sign will do it," Lass said. 

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