New ATV and UTV trails open to public in Vilas County Submitted: 05/15/2018
Erin Beu
Erin Beu

New ATV and UTV trails open to public in Vilas County
VILAS COUNTY - People can now enjoy a longer ATV or UTV ride in Vilas County.

The Landover ATV Club in Conover doubled its trails this year.

"[Grooming] is just something I'm passionate about," said Gary Lagueux Junior.

Lagueux volunteers his time to help maintain his favorite trails as the trail boss of the Landover ATV UTV Club.

He said this is his favorite time of year.

"It's fun, you're out in nature," said Lagueux.

Lagueux started grooming trails this week for Vilas County.

"We're nearing about 30 miles of trails," said Lagueux.

That's more than double the miles of trails from last year.

"We opened a new stretch of trail all the way to Land O' Lakes and Bent's Camp Resort," said Lagueux.

The Vilas County trails opened last week which means Lagueux will be busy clearing, smoothing, and flattening out 30 miles worth of trails.

"There's a lot of work ahead of us," said Lagueux.
Lagueux said the club will also be adding some mileage in Conover.

"It's going to be a little rough starting out new.
There's some big rocks out here we need to get rid of," said Lagueux.

Lagueux said so far he's seen more holes in the trails than normal. He's not sure if that is from such a long winter.

The Vilas County trails will be open until October 31.

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THREE LAKES - The Three Lakes School Board stands by its district administrator after questions over a political ad.

Friday morning, the Three Lakes School Board issued a statement saying they feel it is the best interest of students to continue under the leadership of Dr. George Karling.

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MILWAUKEE - Heavy rains that flooded a section of Interstate 43 in the Milwaukee area left several motorists stranded.

The North Shore Fire Department responded to the scene Friday morning to help motorists, some of whom were sitting atop their flooded cars. Four people had to be rescued, and two others got out on their own.

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RHINELANDER -  Officers from the Rhinelander Police Department stood on the roof of the building to raise money for the Special Olympics of Wisconsin.

Officer Luke Linsmeyer said it's a great opportunity to spend time with the athletes.

"[We] get to communicate with [the athletes]. They get to communicate with us. We get to play a few games here and there. It's really a good time. It means a lot to just see them and for them to see us in this type of capacity rather than working in our cars," said Linsmeyer.

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RHINELANDER - A food pantry that depends on generosity saw a lot of it Friday. The pantry teamed up with Trig's and Bremer's Furniture to help out local families in need. 

Volunteer Bill Vancos didn't mind giving his free time this morning to a bigger cause. "It's very heartwarming to do this. It's a shame that people are still in need," said Vancos.

The Rhinelander Area Food Pantry set up a donation drive in front of Trig's Friday morning.

Rhinelander Food Pantry Treasurer, Ginger Chroback, joined the event to help customers figure out what to donate. She said macaroni and cheese, cans of soups, and pastas are food staples that are always helpful items to donate. 

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People in the area always look forward a tradition in its 56th year.

The Eagle River Recreation Association hosts a huge auction in mid-August.

"It keeps the lights on in this place. To run a rink is extremely expensive. We try to the best we can with what we have here to bring down those fees so hockey and skating becomes affordable for everybody up here," said ERRA President Patrick Schmidt.

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Saturday marks the 40th anniversary for the movie "Bog."

It was a horror film that was filmed in Oneida County.

Mike Ryeden was Hazlehurt's Assistant Fire Chief at the time and ended up starring as the hero of the movie.

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