Solar panels save school district moneySubmitted: 05/14/2018
Solar panels save school district money
Ryan Sandberg
Ryan Sandberg
Meteorologist/News Producer

EAGLE RIVER - The Northland Pines School District hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony Monday to celebrate its new solar panel system.

The District flipped the switch on last fall, but waited for nicer weather to make it official.

The sun plays a big role to help power the Northland Pines School District.

Last November, the district began using its new solar panel system at the Eagle River Elementary School and the Northland Pines Middle and High School.

"We're looking at trying to be very fiscally responsible. Save as much money as we can for our tax payers," said Northland Pines District Administrator Mike Richie.

Since November, about 1,000 solar panels have saved the school district more than $15,000 in energy.
The system will generate about 430,000 kilowatt-hours in a year, which will be about 22 percent of the buildings' use.

"School districts are struggling for dollars around the country, specially Wisconsin. And this gives them a tool to reduce their energy cost," said Mark Hanson of Hoffman Planning, Design & Construction.

The solar project also has many educational benefits.

"This is a chance for students to learn about solar, have it in their curriculum, and also see it as a path forward for future jobs," said Hanson.

Richie hopes the project continues for many years to come.

"It looks like it's going to produce about anywhere between $40,000 to $70,000 per year at the end of its twelfth year. If those numbers hold true, it'd be a very wise investment for the school district to continue with this project," said Richie.

Thanks to a third-party investor, the school district has no upfront costs for the solar system.

People can go the Northland Pines District website to see just how much energy the solar panels produce and how much money is saved over time.

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ARBOR VITAE - Last summer the Northwoods LBGT community and allies come together to celebrate love, diversity and acceptance.

After last year's successful festival, the Rainbow Hodags planned an even bigger one for this year.

More than 75 people celebrated gay pride at the second annual Pride Fest in Arbor Vitae.

Lots of laughter, live music, and dancing filled the park. 

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LAKE TOMAHAWK - Back in the early nineties, an event in Lake Tomahawk gave thanks to veterans. This year, a group of community members decided to bring it back.

The Vets and Guides event invites veterans from King, Tomah, and other areas to come to Lake Tomahawk for a day of fishing, food, and a good time.

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FLORENCE COUNTY - Two high school students died in a car crash early Friday morning in Florence County. The wreck happened at around 6:20 a.m. according to the Florence County Sheriff's Office.

The vehicle was traveling north on County Highway N in the Commonwealth Township, when the driver lost control while making a turn. The vehicle crossed the center line, left the roadway, and hit a tree, bursting into flames upon impact.

The names and ages of the Florence High School students will be released after notifications are made.

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RHINELANDER - A Rhinelander group working to maintain recreational trails in the area got some help in their mission. The Rhinelander Area Silent Trails Association received grants to help fund its various projects.

The group got two DNR Recreational Trail Act Grants totaled at a little more than $13,000. The WPS Foundation also gave a total of $1,800 in grants. The grant money will be used to help with multiple projects. 

One project is to construct a boardwalk over the wetlands of the Cassian Cross County Ski Trail. RASTA is also going to construct a new ski trail at Washburn.

For more information on all of RASTA's projects, visit their Facebook page lined below.

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EAGLE RIVER - After a long night shift, DNR Conservation Warden Supervisor Dave Walz answered his phone with some anxiety early Wednesday morning.

"Oh, phone ringing at 1, 2 in the morning, this can't be good," Walz said.

That anxiety turned to excitement.

"They said they had a homeowner with a bear in a basement," Walz said.

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ONEIDA COUNTY - A Lake Tomahawk man pleaded no contest to sexually assaulting a child.

Robert Aufrere was found guilty of third degree child sexual assault in Oneida County Court Friday. 

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- In the last week, more than a dozen people in the Wausau area found their cars damaged or broken into.

In a span of six days, at least 17 vehicles were either keyed, had windows bashed in or had stuff stolen from them.

"Some weirdo doings some weirdo stuff that's how I look at it," said Jon Radtke who lives in the neighborhood where items were stolen from a handful of unlocked cars."It's kind of (strange) for this area. We really don't have a lot of problems in the area."

Last Friday, two vehicles parked at the East High Apartments on Street and Adams Street and three more just down the street were broken into.

"We're working on who [is doing] this," said Wausau Police Officer Brian Burkhardt.

He says a few days after the break-ins around 7th Street; he received calls of 12 cars being vandalized, nothing stolen just vandalized.

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