Northwoods Nordic Ski still maintaining trailsSubmitted: 04/16/2018
Northwoods Nordic Ski still maintaining trails
Dakota Sherek
Dakota Sherek

RHINELANDER - Many people want to see some spring-like weather in the Northwoods. But, as long as the snow falls, the Northwoods Nordic ski group plans to maintain their trails. 

"Mixed emotions," said Robin Stafford, a Northwoods Nordic member.

Stafford didn't imagine he'd be grooming trails in mid-April.

"We had most things put away already," said Stafford. 

But after this weekend…

"It was hard to ignore this storm," said Stafford. 

Northwoods Nordic decided to go ahead and groom some of it's trails.

"You either shovel snow or you enjoy the snow," said Stafford. 

Stafford says as a non-profit group, they like to keep their supporters happy.

"Our goal is to promote Nordic skiing in the Northwoods," said Stafford. "And we got a lot good club members and donors, a lot of sponsors that really help our organization so we like to keep the trails groomed for all of them.

He hopes people get out to enjoy the spring snow.

"It is a lot of fun to get out and ski after you get a freshly groomed trail," said Stafford.

A lot of fun, that Stafford thinks will be short-lived under the April sun.

"But we'll keep grooming as long as the trails are holding in there and we're not interfering with the golf course operation," said Stafford. "So hopefully we'll get through the weekend anyway."

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TOMAH (AP) - A veterans affairs hospital in Wisconsin is using nontraditional therapies for pain and mental health as officials continue to address problems with over-prescribing medication at the facility.

Wisconsin Public Radio reports that the Tomah VA Medical Center is one of 18 veterans hospitals across the country launching the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' Whole Health program.

Whole Health coaches help VA patients set personal health and wellness goals, address chronic pain, prevent illness or injury and treat mental health needs. The program also uses alternative therapies like tai chi, acupuncture and Healing Touch, which focuses on restoring a person's energy field.

The initiative comes four years after a veteran died at the facility from a mixture of prescribed drugs. Federal investigations found that some staff were over-prescribing drugs.

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Crews were running fire hydrants to fix a water main. A well unexpectedly started and mixed iron into the water which left a brownish color. 

A superintendent from the sanitary district says water is now clear but If you do see color in your water run the cold faucet for a few seconds. 

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RHINELANDER - More than 100 people came together Saturday night to raise money to support the fight against Alzheimer's and dementia. A personal connection to the disease made some people eager to help.

"I have experienced it on both sides of my family," said Holiday Acres Resort Manager Kari Zambon.

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Students, parents, and other community members came together to witness the award presentation.

The award honors people that excel in leading learning experiences and activities in forestry.

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The open house was held in part to celebrate the program's 35th anniversary. It also allowed people who have supported HAVEN over the years to get a tour of the facility and get to know the employees there. 

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