Prentice High School seniors change graduation traditionSubmitted: 04/13/2018
Dakota Sherek
Dakota Sherek

Prentice High School seniors change graduation tradition
PRENTICE - For more than 40 years, the Prentice High School graduation ceremony followed the same tradition. This year that's going to change all thanks to a group of seniors. 

"It felt so good," said senior Sara Asher. 

A group of Prentice High School seniors convinced their school board to change the graduation ceremony.

"Most of the class, like, they're all for it they all love it," said senior Aidan Anderson.

Seniors Sarah Asher and Aidan Anderson had been to their school's graduation ceremony before.

"We realized that it was very good, but it was long," said Asher. 

Long, because the ceremony included scholarship presentations. When Anderson's older brother graduated, he said his family wasn't a fan of that tradition.

"They thought it was really long and dragged on, and because Gage was going into the military he didn't apply for scholarships so they thought he was left out," said Anderson. 

The students' idea? To make the scholarship ceremony separate from graduation.

"We all got together with our classmates, there were a few others with us that helped us, and we just presented it to the school board," said Asher. 

The board, and the scholarship donors, agreed to the change.

"Getting to hear we got the scholarship night, it was great," said Anderson. 

"We always want our students to have a voice and use it appropriately as we send them out to the world and that is definitely what they did with this," said High School Principal Melissa Pilgrim. 

Now the students are looking forward to adding something new to graduation.

"Adding the scholarship night gives us a little more flexibility with what we want to do at graduation because it was so long previously," said Anderson. "And now that we have it separated we can have a music performance or something else we want in it." 

Regardless of what other changes the students decide on, they look forward to seeing it all come together.

"I hope it's more memorable and I hope the donors are happy with the change that was made and I hope it'll be good," said Asher. 

The scholarship ceremony will take place on May 16, about a week before the graduation ceremony.

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