1982 murder case against Minocqua man moves forward Submitted: 02/23/2018
Allie Herrera
Allie Herrera

1982 murder case against Minocqua man moves forward
RHINELANDER - A Minocqua man accused of murdering his wife in 1982 listened to more than two hours of testimony against him on Friday. 
Police arrested Robin Mendez earlier this month for the death of his wife, Barbara. 

The State used a timeline to argue Robin Mendez had enough time to kill his wife at the Park City Credit Union where she worked.

"The fact that [it] was a left handed person that struck her and Robin Mendez is a left-handed person. [The person] then turned [Barbara] over when she was on the ground so that they did not have to look at her face," said Oneida Co. Captain Terri Hook. 

Hook said Mendez had a motive to kill his wife. Robin was a having a sexual relationship with a young girl from their church.

Hook also testified that years later Robin Mendez's daughters told police he manipulated them into covering for him. 

"Robin Mendez is unable to give any account of his whereabouts from when he left work at approximately 4:55 as he told law enforcement," said Hook. 

During cross examination, defense argued the timeline wasn't enough to put Robin Mendez at the scene.

"Nobody saw him kill his wife. There's no evidence today of his motorcycle being at the Credit Union," said defense attorney Peter Prusinski. 

Defense also argued no motive was ever clearly identified in this case and no DNA or fingerprint evidence ever linked Robin Mendez to the scene. 
"There's been no weapon searched or they didn't find anything from whatever preliminary search they did at that time. The only weapon that they've come up with is a pry bar [or] a wonder bar that's common to practically every garage in this area," said Prusinski. 

Judge Leon Stenz found there was enough evidence against Mendez to move the case forward. 

Mendez's attorney requested a new judge at the end of the hearing. No future court date has been set. Mendez is being held on a $250,000 cash bond.

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