Boulder Junction hosts new winter sports eventSubmitted: 02/17/2018
Dakota Sherek
Dakota Sherek

Boulder Junction hosts new winter sports event
BOULDER JUNCTION - People from as far as Iowa and New York travelled to the Northwoods on Saturday to take on a unique challenge. Boulder Junction held a new winter sports event that proved to be quite a success.

"I'm just really happy to see this all come together," said Boulder Junction Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Theresa Smith.

Boulder Junction has had a successful spring triathlon for the last few years. So the town decided to host a winter triathlon.

"It took us about a year to put it all into place and here we are today," said Smith. 

The Forest Frenzy Winter Triathlon at Camp Manitowish YMCA is not for the faint of heart.

"It's a 7.5K cross country ski route, a 6K snowshoe and a 7.5K fat tire bike," said Smith. 
More than 70 people took the challenge.

"I did the White Deer Triathlon before, and I love all outdoor sports, so when I saw they had a new event I was excited to be able to go skiing. It was just something to get me out training in the winter," said Marie Peters, who grew up in Minocqua but now lives in Shoreview, MN and traveled to participate in the event.

"I like a reason to enjoy the winter so it got me out, and I learned two new sports so that was great," said Britta Paulson, who traveled from Florence, WI. 

People were excited to see the success of the inaugural event.

"Boulder Junction usually puts on a really good event and they draw in a lot of numbers so I'm glad to see that there's this many people here," said participant Val Foley. 

"It's been a very smooth morning, everybody's happy and the weather's great so no complaints," said Smith.

Despite it's difficulty, participants enjoyed the workout. 

"It was definitely worth it, it was great," said Peters. 

Organizers are already looking forward to triathlon's future.

"Just continuing to tweak what we learn this year and make it a better race for next year."

People could register to run all three legs of the race themselves, or they could register as a three-person relay team and each take on one portion of it.

To find out about next year's race, visit the links below.

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The department's looking for new cadets who'll train to become state troopers.
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"It's a very extensive process," said Logan.
After passing a background check and interview, candidates will go through 12 weeks of field training, 26 weeks of training with an officer, then a yearlong probation period.
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The dedication for the role doesn't stop there. 

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That's why learning about new cuisine and sharing it with the locals is the chef's favorite part.

"I have used Chimichurri for fifteen years, but to actually research and find out where it came from and the story behind it is kind of cool," says Chef Scott Conley.

Minocqua Brewing hosts a wine dinner and cooking class each month.

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"It's pretty rare," Weiss said.

Weiss needed to add to that tally last week.  The jail let Edward Chosa Junior go as a "free" man on March 13, however that wasn't his correct release date.

"It was a clerical mistake," Weiss said.

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