Antigo's Annual Chili Cook-Off brings out friendly competition Submitted: 12/06/2017
Story By Allie Herrera

Antigo's Annual Chili Cook-Off brings out friendly competition
ANTIGO - Ed Heyer and Brian Dewitt are the definition of friendly competition.

"We make chili that's better than Brian's," said Heyer, who's from Lake Geneva. 

"I'm Brian," laughed Dewitt. 

Heyer and Dewitt's friendship goes back two decades.

"We've competed against each other off and on, I've gone down there, and they've come up here," said Dewitt, who's from Tomahawk. 

A couple of years ago, Heyer and his wife surprised Dewitt at the Antigo Chili Cook-Off.

"They set up right next to us and I'm here chopping away and cooking and all of the sudden, I go next door and here they are," said Dewitt. 

The catch is Dewitt has more than 15 years of cooking experience under his belt. He was a Navy cook for several years and the Heyers aren't even competing in the same category as Brian. But that doesn't stop them from trying to make the best chili around. 

"It actually changes from sweet to sour to salty to spicy to hot," said Heyer as he described his chili. 

"It's really to get the flavors to meld all together so when you take that bite, you get a little bit of heat up front. You get a little bit of a flavor. Flavor in the back of the throat and you get that warm feeling inside is what I shoot for," said Dewitt. 

At the end of the day, these two friends know why they enjoy serving up some good competition.

"It's good for the communities and I enjoy the people. You can't ask for better than this," said Dewitt. 

Wednesday was the 20th Annual Chili Cook-Off in Antigo. Dozens of local businesses and organizations participated in the event.

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RHINELANDER - Social media can serve as a great tool for law enforcement. But at times it can also be a problem.

On Thursday, the Rhinelander Police Department shared a concerning Facebook post in hopes of getting some accurate information. 

The police department became aware of a post made in a page on Facebook. The post describes a suspicious white van patrolling a neighborhood off Driscoll Road. 
The author of the original post claimed two men were in the van approaching children.

Police Chief Lloyd Gauthier says any suspicious activity should be reported directly to the police department. 

"We need to be able to have that face-to-face conversation so we can ask those specific questions so that we get facts and not just a bunch of hearsay or rumor mill," said Gauthier. "We really need to know exactly what the information is." 

Gauthier says the department doesn't monitor Facebook 24-seven, and if someone reports suspicious activity over the phone immediately, it allows police to respond to the situation quickly.

"Our mission statement is to work in partnership with our community and we value the fact that people want to share that information with us on social media," said Gauthier. "But again, there's a time and a place about, 'How should I share that?'"

Gauthier added that they did eventually speak with the original author of the post and that police are looking into that situation.

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RHINELANDER - John Mikalauski, the manager at Birchfield Nurseries in Rhinelander, has had a great growing year because of hotter than normal temperatures.

But now he says it's time to get ready for a chill.

"If gets to thirty degrees, I don't care. It's just fine," said Mikalauski.

He thinks you should welcome the new season for the plants in your yard, too.

"A healthy plant makes it through the winter a lot better than a stressed plant," he said. "We want to shut them down so they can prepare themselves for the winter time."

Mikalauski advises that plants must go dormant. Cool and damp soil is key to help them sleep until spring, except for sensitive plants.

"The ones that are going to be touchy is some of your vegetables and definitely your annual flowers," he said. "Those are the ones you are going to want to protect. You're going to want to put some bed sheets over them or something to keep the frost off them."

Mikalauski says as long as gardeners stop the growing phase and let their plants rest, they should make it through the winter just fine.

The National Weather Service issued a frost advisory for Friday.

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WAUSAU - Tough math and science classes can scare some kids away from exploring those fields in the future.

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Many people lost power Thursday night from the storms in the Northwoods.
Wisconsin Public Service was still out repairing lines Friday afternoon.

Wind gusts reached 46 miles per hour Thursday night heading into Friday morning, causing trees and branches to fall on power lines. WPS also reported lightning damage.      

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MADISON - Each year the state recognizes organizations making a difference in education. A Rhinelander group earned a Friend of Education Award for the first time Thursday.

Rhinelander Partners in Education works to connect students with community employers to develop learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom. 

State School Superintendent Tony Evers presented WJFW's Ben Meyer and other PIE members with the award during a ceremony at the capitol.

"It felt great considering that we are [a smaller] school… it's pretty amazing to be recognized as one of the five making a difference in education in the state," said PIE Vice President Teri Maney.

Maney says the award represents the work of the entire community.

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Semi hits bridge in RhinelanderSubmitted: 09/20/2018

RHINELANDER - Around 5:30 p.m. Thursday, emergency crews responded to a semi-truck that crashed into the railroad bridge over Pelican and Davenport Streets.

Rhinelander Police Sergeant Kurt Helke says this is a common occurrence that happens at least three to four times a year.

He wants all drivers to pay more attention. 

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RHINELANDER - A new business celebrated its opening on Thursday with a ribbon cutting in downtown Rhinelander. This is the second one in the same family on Davenport Street itself.  It's a game store called Blue Mana Interactive. Ryan Whitehead is the owner and his sister owns the spa next door.

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