Minocqua Board of Supervisors undecided on premiere area resort taxSubmitted: 12/05/2017
Dakota Sherek
Dakota Sherek

Minocqua Board of Supervisors undecided on premiere area resort tax
MINOCQUA - On Tuesday night, the Minocqua Board of Supervisors learned a little more about premiere area resort taxes, or PRAT.

The board heard from members of the broadband and business development committee at a meeting tonight, all to discuss what PRAT is and how it could work in Minocqua.

Chairman of the Broadband and Business Development Committee Pete Otis, did most of the talking.

He explained to the board that the half percent tax added to tourism-related sales. That income would then be spent specifically on infrastructure improvements.

Minocqua Town Chairman Mark Hartzheim says there is still a long way to go before the board would decide whether to hold a referendum on PRAT.

"There's a lot to do yet as far as gathering information and giving the public and merchants and business people and people who visit here an opportunity to weigh in," said Hartzheim. 

Hartzheim says more information is also needed on how the tax would be implemented.

For now, board members want to get more answers from the committee before moving forward.

"We're going to wait for the town board to get back to us with their questions and then we'll do whatever research we can to find the answers, and then if they decide that we're going to go forward with we'll, we volunteered as a committee to hold the meetings," said Otis. 

Otis suggested to the board that those meetings should take place throughout the summer while tourists are in town to ensure everyone who would be affected could be informed.

Otis also said if a referendum was held, it should take place during the November 2018 elections.

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What We're Working OnSubmitted: 06/18/2018

- Tonight on Newswatch 12:

Storms over the weekend produced heavy rain and high winds causing damage throughout the Northwoods. We'll take you live to Rainbow Flowage to show you some of the flooding, and to Park Falls to let you see some of the storm damage in that area.

We'll show you the condition of the field in Lake Tomahawk where the Snowhawks plan to start out their 12 game snowshoe baseball schedule tonight against our team from Newswatch 12, and we'll talk with the Snowhawks manager about how the sun is helping to get the field ready to go in spite of the heavy rain over the weekend.

And we'll show you video of students from Prentice and Rib Lake helping to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington D.C.

We'll bring you the details on these stories and more tonight on Newswatch 12 - news from where you live.

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People knew "Bike the Heart" as Vilas County's bike trail system.

Now that's changing as Mercer is now a part of "Bike the Heart."

That means the entire trail is more than 50 miles long!

But you'll have to wait until next month for Mercer's piece to be totally paved.

"It's been going for a long time. To be the last sort of Northern point of the trail for now, we are honored and excited about it," says Mercer Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Beth Wetzler.

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NORTHWESTERN WI - Heavy rains have caused an earthen dam to fail in a rural area of northwestern Wisconsin.

Douglas County Emergency Management Director Keith Kesler says he's unaware of any evacuations from the damage Monday. Few people live in the area.

Kesler says water is overtopping the Radigan Flowage Dam west of Dairlyland after several days of rain.

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Heavy rain this weekend nearly delayed the start of Lake Tomahawk's snowshoe baseball season.

The Snowhawks will begin their 12 game schedule Monday night against Newswatch 12.

Early Monday, it looked like the field at Snowshoe Park might be too wet to play on.

Snowhawks Manager Jeff Smith said the sun Monday afternoon has helped prepare the wood chips on the field for the game.

"Once you get them ruffed up, it kind of pulls the moisture out. It's kind of nice to have the sun going, because it will dry some of that right up. It takes a little while, it takes a little wind, but with everything going on now it's going to make big improvements by game time," said Smith.

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ASHLAND COUNTY - Police believe a man died because of flooding in Ashland County. 

First responders found Thomas Koeper, 75, of Mason, Wisconsin near his truck in the Township of White River. 

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Supreme Court rules against Wisconsin Democrats in the fight over the drawing of legislative boundaries.

Democrats believe current maps give Republicans an unfair advantage in elections.

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MADISON - Only white men have served as governor in Wisconsin. It's a track record that three Democrats are looking to shatter this year.

Two women, Kelda Roys and Kathleen Vinehout, and one black man, Mahlon Mitchell, could make history if they win the primary and defeat Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

The other seven Democratic candidates are white men, just like every other governor in Wisconsin history.

Wisconsin is one of 28 states where at least one woman is expected to run for governor. Mitchell is one of at least eight black candidates running for governor nationwide.

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