Park Falls bridge reopensSubmitted: 11/13/2017
Park Falls bridge reopens
Dakota Sherek
Dakota Sherek

PARK FALLS - A 69-year-old bridge in Park Falls finally got replaced this year. After six months of hard work, the town has a completely new North Fork Flambeau River Bridge.

The bridge on highway 182 was officially reopened last Friday. It serves as a main connection in Park Falls, so the town was essentially split in half throughout the project.

Park Falls Mayor Daniel Leitl says it was exciting to open up the new bridge.

"Oh, it was fantastic. There was a lot of phone calls running back and forth trying to figure out when it was actually going to open. We had several people lined up behind our sand truck ready to go, so everybody was ready and very happy for it to open up," said Leitl. 

The new bridge has wider lanes, a wider sidewalk, and some new lighting. Leitl says local business owners in particular are seeing the benefits of having the bridge opened again.

"There's several establishment[s] that had parties already to celebrate the opening of the bridge, and I've seen an uptick in some of the businesses already, you know. It looked like there was more people coming in, and we'd like to think it's because our town is whole again," said Leitl.

There's still some paving that needs to get done, which will be completed next spring.

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MERRILL - It appears a Merrill man accused of killing his father might not go to trial. 

On July 14 2017, prosecutors charged Tyler Monroe with killing Kevin Monroe in January 2016 and hiding his corpse.

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WASHINGTON D.C. - Some veterans meet their guardians for the very first time just hours before they travel together on the Never Forgotten Honor Flight.

But people like Mark Kubisiak and Terry Priebe already had a friendship that went back for years.
"[We've been friends for] about 20 [to] 25 years here," said Kubisiak.  

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RHINELANDER - The people of Chetek in northwestern Wisconsin know just how quickly severe weather can change your life.  An EF-2 tornado ripped through homes, trees, and fields for 83 miles, killing one and injuring dozens in May 2017.

Oneida County Emergency Management knows weather radios can save lives in situations like that.  With severe weather season here, Emergency Management wants everyone to have a weather radio in their home.

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SUPERIOR - An explosion with multiple injuries was reported at the Calumet Oil Refinery in Superior Thursday morning, according to the Superior Fire Department.

Smoke was seen billowing from the refinery just after 10 a.m. 

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WASHINGTON D.C. - Scott Sann lost his wife last year after a shooting spree in Marathon County. After Sara Quirt-Sann's death, he wanted to make sure to fulfill one of her dreams. 

Sann said Sara cared a lot about her grandfather. That's why Sann honored him on the Honor Flight.  

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EAGLE RIVER - An Eagle River man pleaded not guilty to multiple drug related charges. 

Police arrested Scott Schmidt, 33, of Eagle River and Stephanie Wolfe, 34, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, on March 30 for making meth in Schmidt's Eagle River home on Highway 45.

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NORRISTOWN, PA - Bill Cosby has been convicted of drugging and molesting a woman in the first big celebrity trial of the #MeToo era.

A jury outside Philadelphia convicted the "Cosby Show" star of three counts of aggravated indecent assault on Thursday. The guilty verdict came less than a year after another jury deadlocked on the charges.

Cosby was charged with violating Temple University employee Andrea Constand at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004. His lawyer called Constand a "con artist" who leveled false accusations against Cosby so she could sue him.

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