Downtown parade celebrates academic achievements in PhillipsSubmitted: 11/13/2017
Ben Meyer
Ben Meyer
Managing Editor / Senior Reporter

Downtown parade celebrates academic achievements in Phillips
PHILLIPS - Phillips Elementary School Principal Dave Scholz went door to door to downtown businesses on Monday morning.

He wanted them to come out and take part in the celebration Monday afternoon.

The town planned a parade, but not for a holiday or homecoming.

The U.S. Department of Education selected Phillips Elementary as a National Blue Ribbon School, and family made for the best company for celebration.

"We are a family here. Our roots run deep. We are supported by our community," said Tina Gilge, a first-grade teacher who helped prepare the intensive application for the recognition and accepted the award in Washington, D.C.

"It is probably the highlight of my career," Gilge said. "I have never been prouder in my life to represent a school and a district."

Just one-quarter of one percent of American schools are National Blue Ribbon Schools.

"It just validates all the hard work we've been doing," said Dave Scholz. "We wanted this to be as big an event as it would be if we won the state championship. Because in our school, this is a state championship for us academically."

Robinson Elementary School in Laona was one of the other schools honored this year as a National Blue Ribbon School.

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