A Wausau bar fight turns into a shooting on 3rd AvenueSubmitted: 10/06/2017
Phylicia Ashley
Phylicia Ashley

A Wausau bar fight turns into a shooting on 3rd Avenue
WAUSAU -  A fight in a bar spilled out into a parking lot where two men shot at each other early Friday morning in Wausau.

As of Friday evening, police are still looking for suspects and any information.

A woman who works nearby says this is at least the third time she heard about gunshots on her block.
It's a crime she fears is becoming the new normal.

For about 6 years Ann Gust has offered bunches of joy out of her 3rd Ave floral show.

However, lately they've been moments of panic just up the street. 

"There's just so many of them," said Gust. 

Around 1:30 Friday morning two men got in an argument inside Roc's Place Bar.

 The fight led to shots fired outside. 
"It seems like up and down the road in different areas there's different shootings. The police presence is a little bit more than it backs off," said Gust. 

Friday afternoon police and investigators on scene tried to put the pieces together and concluded no one was hurt. 

"We don't have cooperating victims or individuals to provide us accurate information on what took place," said Wausau Police Captain Matthew Barnes. 

By time officers got to the scene Friday morning the two men were gone. 

Police tried to figure out who those men are and what made them want to draw their guns. 

"At no point in time is it okay for anybody to resolve their disagreements by shooting at each other that's common sense," said Barnes. 

Investigators are still looking for the intent of the shooting. 

"In a case where people are discharging firearms at 1:30 in the morning upon leaving a bar, we want to hold those people accountable," said Barnes. 

Gust would like to see the crime on her street come to an end. She thinks having the police stick around longer could help.

"It's not comfortable but nothing you can do about it," said Gust. 

Police still haven't found the men. If you anyone has any information on the shooting call the department.

 If they want to stay anonymous they can contact the Marathon County Crime Stoppers at 1877- 409- 8777

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She also wanted to bring new talent to the area.

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Attempts to remove the office have been voted on in the Legislature for decades, but it's never gotten enough support to go to voters until now.

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