Veteran camp director pleased after county lowers speed limit on narrow highway in Lake Tomahawk Submitted: 09/25/2017
Allie Herrera
Allie Herrera

Veteran camp director pleased after county lowers speed limit on narrow highway in Lake Tomahawk
LAKE TOMAHAWK - Lake Tomahawk's Camp American Legion gives active military members, veterans, and their families a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. 

The new director of the camp, Don Grundy, saw some changes needed to be made, especially when it came to the speed limit near the entrance of the camp that sits off County Highway D. 

"You [have to] listen," said Grundy as he waited to cross the road. "I can hear a car coming now. With these hills here, you can't see."

Since becoming director at the beginning of May, Grundy says they've had three or four close calls with passing cars. 

There's a boat landing across the street from the camp, which is used regularly for boat trips and other activities. Grundy says the 45 mph speed limit was too fast. 

"We have the most deserving, best customers in the world and I think they deserve a safe crossing here," said Grundy. 

"It's narrow, hilly, windy [and] a combination of everything‚Ķit was best that the speed limit would be reduced 35 miles an hour," said Oneida County Highway Commissioner Bruce Stefonek. 

Grundy brought his concerns about the speed limit to the highway department. Last week, the Oneida County Board agreed to reduce the speed limit after a speed study was done by the state. 

"I believe that if we don't change something here, it's not if something's going to happen. It's when something's going to happen and I know nobody wants that," said Grundy. 

Grundy says every year, the camp hosts about 1,800 people. A quarter of those campers use wheelchairs, walkers, or electric scooters.

Grundy knows the speed limit change is a step in the right direction, but there's still a ways to go. 

"If we can get folks to reduce their speeds, people are going to be safe and that's what camp is. It's a safe place for our families to come and stay and they deserve it," said Grundy. 

The state recommended other changes to Highway D after the speed study was done.

Some of those changes include removing brush blocking sign locations, straightening out sign posts, and adding law enforcement presence.

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