Oneida Co. Board of Adjustment tours proposed Marshfield Clinic hospital site as appeal decision approachesSubmitted: 09/19/2017
Allie Herrera
Allie Herrera

Oneida Co. Board of Adjustment tours proposed Marshfield Clinic hospital site as appeal decision approaches
MINOCQUA - Marshfield Clinic representatives still want to build a hospital in Minocqua. They're appealing that plan's rejection this fall. 

On Tuesday, the Oneida County Board of Adjustment, Marshfield Clinic representatives, and Howard Young representatives toured the site where the proposed hospital would be built. 

Earlier this summer, the Oneida County Planning and Development Committee rejected the plan 3-2.

"We look forward to building the hospital on our grounds here. If we are unable to, we will build a hospital in the Northwoods," said Marshfield Clinic Regional Medical Director Dr. William Melms.

Marshfield Clinic says its 12-bed, $35 million hospital could bring more integrated medical services to the area.
"We feel that our project is a good one. It's good for the community and we look forward to a favorable answer," said Melms. 

This is the second time Marshfield Clinic has appealed a decision to the Board of Adjustment. Last year, the board rejected the clinic's skilled nursing facility. 
Chairman Harland Lee says the committee made that decision because the proposal didn't meet one of the standards the committee sets. 

"Which had to do with the adversely [affecting] the public health standard and welfare standard. That was the one that we felt was not met last time," said Lee. 

Other standards include if the property meets requirements set by the state and county. Lee says a site visit is standard before any hearing. 

"You can look at papers and so forth, but there's no substitute for actually being on the scene," said Lee. 

The Oneida County Board of Adjustment is scheduled to hold a public hearing on November 15. 

Dr. William Melms of Marshfield Clinic says if the board rejects their plan, the clinic will build somewhere in the Northwoods.

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