Veterans salute World War II servicemen before annual Laona appreciation golf outingSubmitted: 09/18/2017
Lane Kimble
Lane Kimble
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Veterans salute World War II servicemen before annual Laona appreciation golf outing
LAONA - When you served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, playing golf seems like a walk in the park for Bernie Miller.

"I used to be pretty good, but then I got old," Miller said, with a laugh.

Don't let the 92-year-old fool you: he's hit six holes in one in his life, including one last year.

"It's easier to golf your age because you keep getting older and older all the time," Miller said.

It's that old age and life of service that led to Miller, and buddies Dan Buschatz and Bud Kuhrasch getting recognized before the annual Military Veterans Appreciation golf outing at Nicolet Country Club in Laona on Monday.

"Always respected these three guys, you bet," U.S. Army veteran Chuck Enders said.

Enders founded the outing six years ago when he couldn't get into a similar event in Green Bay. Each year starts the same, with the Laona High School band saluting each branch of the armed forces. But this year, the opening ceremony included an additional salute for the aging trio.

"There aren't many World War II veterans left in our country and for them to still be playing golf, I think, is fantastic," Enders said.

Enders' outing has grown from just 65 golfers in 2012 to around 130 this year. Scores don't matter much. Enders says he throws out the scorecards at the end of the day. But plenty of players hope they can still hack it as well as Miller, Kuhrasch, and Buschatz can at their age. Kuhrasch, a Navy veteran who invaded Normandy on D-Day, says the secret to playing golf well into your 90s is pretty simple.

"Living a good clean life, you know?" Kuhrasch said.

That mindset keeps these three coming back year after year, even if walking 18 holes is no longer an option.

"Good lord willing, yep, if I'm alive, I'll be here, that's for sure," Miller said.

Fundraising and donations help keep veterans' entry fees to a minimum. Enders' event doesn't raise money for any particular group, he says it's simply an excuse to get old friends together.

"All the camaraderie and meeting old friends you don't see too often, so no, you can't hardly beat it," Miller said.

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RHINELANDER - When Debby Glebke's friends were going back to the south to escape the Northwoods winter, they asked her to watch their home.

"It makes me feel good to help people, I just want to make their life easier," said Glebke. 

That favor sparked an idea that's lasted more than 20 years Glebke's business Snow Bird Home Watch.

"I have all this ambition or I have a lot of energy," said Glebke. 

When Glebke's husband died about fourteen years ago she turned her energy into an outlet.

"You know we always learn something from a crisis you always learn something good," said Glebke. 

Glebke also got a lot of firsts out of the situation too.

"It feels good just to own your own business, I've never really been in my own business," said Glebke. 

While creating something of her own she gave her grandchildren a new role model.

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CRANDON - Terri Burl wanted to ask more questions than make comments during Congressman Sean Duffy's town hall in Crandon on Thursday.

"Everybody's in the state of the unknown right now," Burl said.

Burl, a Republican, was thinking of her 26-year-old son in Oshkosh as she asked Duffy (R-Wausau) about health care concerns.  She worries about tax penalties for her uninsured son and the GOP's lack of solid ideas to replace the Affordable Care Act.

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MERRILL - Tucked away in the southwest corner of Merrill you can find one of only 19 World War One memorials in Wisconsin. 

People from Lincoln County who died during the war are honored there. 
Wednesday, a group of volunteers paid their respects to those service men with some soap, water, and hard work. 

"It's a good opportunity to pay back that service," said Church Mutual employee Sheila Severt. 

Church Mutual employees get one day a year to volunteer in the community, Severt wanted to do something to help veterans.

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MERRILL - The Merrill Police Department need helping finding anyone involved in several acts of vandalism that happened earlier this week.

Brian Schwartz has lived in his home on River Street in Merrill for almost 10 years. His garage, his neighbor's garage, and the public service building down the street were vandalized. Schwartz reported the vandalism to police on Monday. 

Schwartz says this is the first time anyone has vandalized his property.

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RHINELANDER - One Rhinelander man's love for drumming started in 6th grade.

That passion led him to start making his own drums.

Northland Music Center owner Will Roffers recently started hand-building custom snare drums.

Some of the shells he works with are pre-made, but his "stave" shells are shaped and sanded.

He used to build and race stock cars, so he knew how to weld and mold, but drum making was a bit more challenging.

"Working with wood is tough for me. You cut something wrong and there's not putting it back together ," says Will.

Will eventually wants to hand-build snare drums to sell to the public.

In the meantime, he restores and customizes sets for customers.

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MADISON - The Senate judiciary committee is set to vote on four bills that would impose tougher drunken driving penalties.

The Republican proposals would create a five-year minimum prison sentence for homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle and raise the minimum incarceration period for fifth and sixth offenses from six months to 18 months.

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MADISON - It would be a felony to have sex with an animal in Wisconsin under a bill circulating in the Legislature.

Under current law, having sex with an animal is a misdemeanor.

Republican state Rep. Andre Jacque, of De Pere, circulated a bill Thursday to increase the penalty. He referenced a case from the Town of Eaton involving a man who faces misdemeanor charges of animal abuse after an incident in February involving a horse.

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