Crandon International Off-Road Raceway's President Inducted into Hall of FameSubmitted: 09/03/2017
Katie Leszcynski
Katie Leszcynski
Sports Reporter/Anchor

Crandon International Off-Road Raceway's President Inducted into Hall of Fame
CRANDON - When you think of the Hall of Fame you think of Brett Favre or Hank Aaron. 

But what about for the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame?

Well, there will be a new familiar face from right here in the Northwoods being inducted in just a few weeks.

Cliff Flannery had a very busy weekend.

"Everybody says I live and breathe it, well, I pretty much do," said Flannery.

He has been the president of the Crandon International Off-Road Raceway for 43 of its 48 years.

"With the help around me and Crandon, we've made it the world's biggest and I don't know what more you can do," said Flannery.

It's not just the fans and racers that have realized it's the world' biggest.

The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame will induct Flannery and only three other people into its 2017 class on September 28th in Las Vegas.

"62 people got nominated, they took four and I'm one of them. I think that now that I know I'm in there with Walker Evans and all those guys, it's a great feeling," said Flannery.

It's also a feeling he's not quite used to. He's usually the one handing out awards and prize money.

"I've handed out a lot of awards and shaken a lot of hands, and to get up there and be chosen from those same people, the sponsors, I think it'll be a little exciting," said Flannery.

The induction was the buzz around the track all weekend during the 48th annual Off-Road Championship.

Driver Casey Currie is from Corona, California and has been making the trip to Crandon for 10 years.

"It has literally everything you want as a racer," said Currie.

And so to see the creator of all of that being recognized was even a good feeling for the drivers.

"He's worked his whole life to make this sport better. To grow, not only the race track but the complete sport, to see him and his whole family, he definitely deserves something like that," said Currie.

So what's next for Cliff?

"I don't know… I think I'll definitely go to the 50th," said Flannery.

Even though he's a Hall of Famer, Flannery is still thinking about Crandon. 

Before he's done, he wants to expand the already 2,100 campsites, get a new big screen monitor, and maybe some more minor improvements before he calls it quits.

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