Conserve School starts off school year on solar eclipseSubmitted: 08/21/2017
Katie Thoresen
Katie Thoresen
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Conserve School starts off school year on solar eclipse
LAND O'LAKES - Millions of people all the over the U.S. looked up to see the first total eclipse here in almost 100 years.
While we only had a partial eclipse here in the Northwoods, it made the first day of class for students at the Conserve School in Land O'Lakes one they'll likely never forget.

"It's nothing like anything I've ever actually experienced. It's very different from normal school, and we've gone outside for every class too," said student Nora Henson.

On her first day of class at Conserve School, Henson got to see her first solar eclipse.

"It was amazing. It was actually not what I was expecting," said Henson. "It's crossed something off my bucket list."

"I didn't know what they were going to do, honestly, but to hear them put the glasses on, turn around, and be like, 'Awesome!' is amazing," said environmental teacher Leanna Jackan.

Jackan first realized the eclipse fell on the first day of class about three weeks ago.

"We're like, 'Oh my gosh, that's the first day of class. We have to do something with it.' You can't just bypass that opportunity, even if it's just a partial eclipse," Jackan said. 

"Rather than just reading something in a textbook, I'll probably remember it for a little bit," said student Rye Amos. "But being able to engage with it, that's a forever memory for me."

The eclipse happened to fit well with the first topic Jackan is covering this semester: climate science.

"It provides us a little bit of time to talk about on a normal day, what does the sun normally do to impact the Earth? How does unequal heating of the Earth play into the wind and ocean currents and things?" Jackan said.

It's a teaching moment the students like Henson aren't likely to forget anytime soon.

"It gives what you're learning value," Jackan said. "I think you see the importance of what you're learning, so it sticks with you more."

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