Paul Bunyan Fest returns to Eagle RiverSubmitted: 08/16/2017
Allie Herrera
Allie Herrera

Paul Bunyan Fest returns to Eagle River
EAGLE RIVER - Eagle River's annual Paul Bunyan Fest brings out thousands of people. This year was no exception. Organizers say about 3,000 people filled the streets of downtown Eagle River on Wednesday.

The 37th annual Paul Bunyan Fest featured chainsaw carving demonstrations, more than 80 arts and craft booths, and music.

"Paul Bunyan is really about celebrating our logging camp heritage here in Eagle River and we do this event so that our visitors that are here during the week have an opportunity to hang out with us and celebrate with us," said Events Coordinator Natalie Spiess.

Spiess says the event grows each year. About 400 pounds of roast beef were cooked for the Paul Bunyan sandwich.

"I just think that it's great. I mean, I love all of the people here. I love that there are people that come and visit our community and want to be a part of the community," said Spiess.

For an Eagle River man, the annual Paul Bunyan Fest is a great way for him to show off what he can do with chainsaws. Ken Schels has been doing demonstrations at the Paul Bunyan Fest for about 20 years. He grew up in the area and has been working with wood and nature for most of his life.

"I worked in the woods then I started carving presents for my father with a chainsaw and you know we still do some. We like to do this festival here. We don't do too many others, but it's just a lot of fun," said Schels.

During Wednesday's demonstration, Schels carved a boy's face into the wood. He says it's always nice seeing people of all ages show interest in his work.

"You explain the saw's a little bit and the wood, you know? So, they know what's going on and enjoy it. They seem to take it all in," said Schels.

For more information on his work, click on the link below.

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Last Friday, two vehicles parked at the East High Apartments on Street and Adams Street and three more just down the street were broken into.

"We're working on who [is doing] this," said Wausau Police Officer Brian Burkhardt.

He says a few days after the break-ins around 7th Street; he received calls of 12 cars being vandalized, nothing stolen just vandalized.

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Cold water due to late ice-out on lakes had a negative effect on fish this spring.

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That anxiety turned to excitement.

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The race is one mile long, but people can choose to swim just 400 meters, too.

The water temperature will be about 65 degrees during the race.

"A lot of people will wear wet suits and be very comfortable. I have seen plenty of people go without and have no trouble," says Laura Fuhrman.

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