Northland Pines upperclassmen prepare to mentor incoming middle school studentsSubmitted: 08/15/2017
Lane Kimble
Lane Kimble
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Northland Pines upperclassmen prepare to mentor incoming middle school students
EAGLE RIVER - With a digital clock's big red numbers counting down to zero over her shoulder, Claire Reese felt some pressure Tuesday morning.

"A lot rests upon our shoulders right now," Reese said.

But as the Northland Pines senior's team struggled to figure out code words and open locks, the pressure was less about solving this puzzle and more about making sure incoming students don't end up puzzled themselves.

"It's really a big thing upon my heart just to be there for these younger kids," Reese said.

Tuesday morning, Reese joined about 20 Pines juniors and seniors for peer mentor training and practice at the high school.  The group was picked to mentor seventh and eighth grade students who will soon transition into the high school building this fall. Reese understands the feeling -- she moved from Alaska to Illinois and eventually to Eagle River when she was 10 years old.

"It made my transition so much smoother just to be able to have someone that I could go to, so that's what we're trying to be for these students, just a smiling face," Reese said.

Those smiling faces will pair up to mentor middle school homerooms every day when the school year begins in September. The mentors will also plan monthly activities to help the middle schooler students adjust to their new building and new classmates.

"They're ready for this challenge and excited about it," Northland Pines High School Social Worker Courtney Weber said.

Weber helped choose the upperclassmen for the pilot mentor program. She also worked to plan the program starting back in January.

"Parents and community members had significant concerns and this is kind of a response to it," Weber said.

Pines decided during the 2015-2016 school year to move the approximately 170 middle school students into the high school building, which is just across a parking lot. A growing fab lab and strong elective programs made the decision an easy one in high school principal Scott Foster's mind.

"We're really focused on how we can best serve our students [in grades] seven through 12 and not necessarily just in the silo of a grade," Foster said. "[The high school] just had a lot of opportunities that, you know, we had a great facility in our middle school, but this creates more options for students."

Those are options Claire Reese can't wait to show off to the middle schoolers joining her building, including her two sisters in eighth grade.

"I look at it almost as another class that I can be putting myself into and putting my time and energy and effort really into that," Reese said.

Northland Pines starts classes September 5th. The middle school students will push the student body to around 570, which is just shy of the building's capacity of 600.

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MILWAUKEE (AP) - Some Wisconsin schools will be using gunshot-detection sensors when classes resume this fall to try to get police to respond more quickly to a mass shooting.

The sensors are among various security upgrades schools are rolling out with grant money state lawmakers approved this year after the shootings in Parkland, Florida.

The Kenosha Unified School District plans to use $384,000 of its nearly $900,000 award to install sensors from New Mexico-based EAGL Technology at its 43 schools. The system is designed to alert police within seconds of shots being fired and activate surveillance cameras near their location to livestream the scene to authorities. The sensors can also lock doors after gunshots.

EAGL Technology says the number of schools across the country expressing interest in the sensors has increased since Parkland.

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SHAWANO COUNTY - One person died in a one vehicle moped crash Sunday according to the Shawano County Sheriff's Office.

The crash happened around 4:23 p.m. The driver, and lone person on the moped, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The sheriff's office will not release the driver's name at this time. The crash is under investigation. 

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THREE LAKES - More than 1,500 people packed the Don Burnside park in Three Lakes this weekend.

30 teams from all over Wisconsin and the Upper Penninsula of Michigan traveled to compete at the second annual Northwoods Baseball Classic.

The turnout doubled from last year's tournament.

This year another age division was added and people could see the new renovations at the park.

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RHINELANDER - A weekend-long fishing tournament in Rhinelander wrapped up Sunday. It was the 30th annual Charlie Baker Memorial Muskie Tournament. 

The tournament was held on Moen Lake. Charlie Baker worked at the mill and was an area fisherman. A group of people close to Baker named the tournament in his honor after he passed away. 

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EAGLE RIVER - Republican congressman Sean Duffy won Wisconsin's seventh district by 23 points in 2016, but that hasn't stopped Democrat Margaret Engebretson from running to challenge him in the 2018 election.

Engebretson was at Blend Coffee House in Eagle River Sunday hosting a "Coffee With the Candidate" event.

She spoke about her military background and support for universal Medicaid.

Despite Duffy's advantages as an incumbent, Engebretson believes she can win by offering an inclusive message.

"There are a lot of people not sharing in the bounty of this country," Engebretson said. "They're not thriving and we must do something about it."

Brian Ewert is the only other Democrat running to challenge Duffy. The primary between Engebretson and Ewert is on Aug. 14.

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RHINELANDER - A Rhinelander group working to maintain recreational trails in the area got some help in their mission. The Rhinelander Area Silent Trails Association received grants to help fund its various projects.

The group got two DNR Recreational Trail Act Grants totaled at a little more than $13,000. The WPS Foundation also gave a total of $1,800 in grants. The grant money will be used to help with multiple projects. 

One project is to construct a boardwalk over the wetlands of the Cassian Cross County Ski Trail. RASTA is also going to construct a new ski trail at Washburn.

For more information on all of RASTA's projects, visit their Facebook page lined below.

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RHINELANDER - Northwoods runners hit the trails for the Hodag Run for Your Life race.

One runner in particular served as inspiration to her competitors.

Many people run to improve their time or speed, but for Carol Burton, running keeps her feeling young.

"I just consider it a health challenge," said Carol Burton, the oldest runner in the race. "I enjoy testing myself although I am 85 so I have decided this is my last one."

Carol ran in her 8th Hodag Run for Your Life race. But even though she won't be racing anymore, she'll still be running. 

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