Under new law, deer baiting, feeding bans to expire in NorthwoodsSubmitted: 08/09/2017
Ben Meyer
Ben Meyer
Managing Editor / Senior Reporter

Under new law, deer baiting, feeding bans to expire in Northwoods
WAUSAU - People in Vilas and Forest counties could begin legally baiting and feeding deer as soon as next fall. Oneida County's baiting and feeding ban could be lifted in 2019.

Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill making that possible last week. Before Walker enacted the law, bans were permanent in those counties.

Tests found the deadly brain disease in deer at a Three Lakes game farm in late 2015. That discovery triggered a ban on baiting and feeding in the three counties near Three Lakes. Research shows CWD can spread when deer cluster around feeding sites.

But the ban also drew complaints from wildlife watchers and some hunters. The bill Walker signed last week will let the ban expire after three years in CWD counties and after two years in adjacent counties.

"There's been discussions about, do you double up fencing [at game farms]? Do you look at a number of other options out there? I think there's a whole series of things," Walker said on Wednesday in Wausau. "I don't know that this specific ban was the be-all-end-all."

The Wisconsin Conservation Congress pushed strongly to keep county bans in place. This spring, the majority of the DNR's County Deer Advisory Councils voted to extend the feeding ban statewide, instead of letting it end in some places.

"We're going to look at not only working with the Conservation Congress [and] Department of Natural Resources staff, but others who are concerned and interested about this to make sure that science is driving all the decisions we make," Walker said.

State regulators found deer with CWD at the same Three Lakes farm last fall. That means Oneida County will be under a ban until at least 2019. More infected deer would push the ban out even further. The ban in Vilas and Forest counties will be in place until at least next fall.

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RHINELANDER - A weekend-long fishing tournament in Rhinelander wrapped up Sunday. It was the 30th annual Charlie Baker Memorial Muskie Tournament. 

The tournament was held on Moen Lake. Charlie Baker worked at the mill and was an area fisherman. A group of people close to Baker named the tournament in his honor after he passed away. 

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SHAWANO COUNTY - One person died in a one vehicle moped crash Sunday according to the Shawano County Sheriff's Office.

The crash happened around 4:23 p.m. The driver, and lone person on the moped, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The sheriff's office will not release the driver's name at this time. The crash is under investigation. 

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MILWAUKEE (AP) - Some Wisconsin schools will be using gunshot-detection sensors when classes resume this fall to try to get police to respond more quickly to a mass shooting.

The sensors are among various security upgrades schools are rolling out with grant money state lawmakers approved this year after the shootings in Parkland, Florida.

The Kenosha Unified School District plans to use $384,000 of its nearly $900,000 award to install sensors from New Mexico-based EAGL Technology at its 43 schools. The system is designed to alert police within seconds of shots being fired and activate surveillance cameras near their location to livestream the scene to authorities. The sensors can also lock doors after gunshots.

EAGL Technology says the number of schools across the country expressing interest in the sensors has increased since Parkland.

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EAGLE RIVER - Republican congressman Sean Duffy won Wisconsin's seventh district by 23 points in 2016, but that hasn't stopped Democrat Margaret Engebretson from running to challenge him in the 2018 election.

Engebretson was at Blend Coffee House in Eagle River Sunday hosting a "Coffee With the Candidate" event.

She spoke about her military background and support for universal Medicaid.

Despite Duffy's advantages as an incumbent, Engebretson believes she can win by offering an inclusive message.

"There are a lot of people not sharing in the bounty of this country," Engebretson said. "They're not thriving and we must do something about it."

Brian Ewert is the only other Democrat running to challenge Duffy. The primary between Engebretson and Ewert is on Aug. 14.

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THREE LAKES - More than 1,500 people packed the Don Burnside park in Three Lakes this weekend.

30 teams from all over Wisconsin and the Upper Penninsula of Michigan traveled to compete at the second annual Northwoods Baseball Classic.

The turnout doubled from last year's tournament.

This year another age division was added and people could see the new renovations at the park.

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RHINELANDER - Northwoods runners hit the trails for the Hodag Run for Your Life race.

One runner in particular served as inspiration to her competitors.

Many people run to improve their time or speed, but for Carol Burton, running keeps her feeling young.

"I just consider it a health challenge," said Carol Burton, the oldest runner in the race. "I enjoy testing myself although I am 85 so I have decided this is my last one."

Carol ran in her 8th Hodag Run for Your Life race. But even though she won't be racing anymore, she'll still be running. 

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ARBOR VITAE - Last summer the Northwoods LBGT community and allies came together to celebrate love, diversity and acceptance.

After last year's successful festival, the Rainbow Hodags planned an even bigger one for this year.

More than 75 people celebrated gay pride at the second annual Pride Fest in Arbor Vitae.

Lots of laughter, live music, and dancing filled the park. 

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