Under new law, deer baiting, feeding bans to expire in NorthwoodsSubmitted: 08/09/2017
Ben Meyer
Ben Meyer
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Under new law, deer baiting, feeding bans to expire in Northwoods
WAUSAU - People in Vilas and Forest counties could begin legally baiting and feeding deer as soon as next fall. Oneida County's baiting and feeding ban could be lifted in 2019.

Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill making that possible last week. Before Walker enacted the law, bans were permanent in those counties.

Tests found the deadly brain disease in deer at a Three Lakes game farm in late 2015. That discovery triggered a ban on baiting and feeding in the three counties near Three Lakes. Research shows CWD can spread when deer cluster around feeding sites.

But the ban also drew complaints from wildlife watchers and some hunters. The bill Walker signed last week will let the ban expire after three years in CWD counties and after two years in adjacent counties.

"There's been discussions about, do you double up fencing [at game farms]? Do you look at a number of other options out there? I think there's a whole series of things," Walker said on Wednesday in Wausau. "I don't know that this specific ban was the be-all-end-all."

The Wisconsin Conservation Congress pushed strongly to keep county bans in place. This spring, the majority of the DNR's County Deer Advisory Councils voted to extend the feeding ban statewide, instead of letting it end in some places.

"We're going to look at not only working with the Conservation Congress [and] Department of Natural Resources staff, but others who are concerned and interested about this to make sure that science is driving all the decisions we make," Walker said.

State regulators found deer with CWD at the same Three Lakes farm last fall. That means Oneida County will be under a ban until at least 2019. More infected deer would push the ban out even further. The ban in Vilas and Forest counties will be in place until at least next fall.

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ANTIGO - You won't find any pesticide sprays at one Antigo apple orchard, but you will find pigs.

Grandview Orchard and Nursery Stock sits on the highest point in Langlade County.

Lisa Rettinger bought the orchard two years ago with the plan to manage it naturally.

She's still in the transition process of going organic, but she doesn't use chemical pesticides.

Orchard pigs do some grazing and eat wind-fallen apples.

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APPLETON - At about 100 feet when fully extended, climbing to the top of the Merrill Fire Department's new ladder truck isn't for the faint of heart.

"It's a pretty cool feeling," firefighter Rick Sparks said.

But both standing 100 feet in the air and flat on the ground, Sparks was happy to look at his new truck from all sides.

"From the first ideas of a new ladder to seeing it here today and being able to go up on that platform was pretty neat," Sparks said.

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COLEMAN - Authorities have arrested a suspect in a threat that shut down a school in Coleman.

The 24-year-old Coleman man is accused of making a threat that prompted the evacuation of the school and the cancellation of classes Monday. The Marinette County Sheriff's Office didn't say what the threat was.

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RHINELANDER - Dixie Mathews doesn't have the biggest frame or biggest car, but her heart and trunk are full of love this week.

"This is just part of who we are," Mathews said.

Wednesday morning, Mathews and a handful of First United Methodist church members loaded up cleaning supplies and personal items into the back of her SUV in Rhinelander.  Dixie and the supplies are headed for a relief item distribution center in central Illinois.

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RHINELANDER - Tammy Walters works to fight for veterans' rights and benefits every day.

The Oneida County Veterans Service Officer will now do that on an even bigger scale.

Walters was elected as the president of the County Veterans Service Officers Association of Wisconsin.

"I'm a retired Senior Chief from the Navy, so I'm used to being a leader," she said. "It was just an opportunity for me to kind of do what I did in the military and take a leadership position."

The state association closely monitors the state legislature on veterans issues. It gives input on bills and brings concerns to the attention of lawmakers.

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MADISON - The state Senate's agriculture committee has overwhelmingly approved a bill that would allow Wisconsin farmers to grow hemp.

The panel voted unanimously Wednesday to approve the proposal. The vote clears the way for a full floor vote in the Senate.

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MADISON - A campaign ad released early Wednesday morning seems to point toward a likely run at re-election for Gov. Scott Walker.

The 60-second YouTube video shows Walker jogging, riding a motorcycle across Wisconsin, touring manufacturing facilities, and other various stops, many from his time as governor. It also includes a new campaign logo, with Walker's name morphing into a "W" and the slogan "forward" underneath.

Walker hasn't formally announced a bid for re-election yet, nor does the ad itself. However, a source with knowledge about the topic told Newswatch 12 that an announcement from Walker is "forthcoming." The ad ends with Walker asking viewers, "Are you with me?" while riding on his Harley-Davidson.

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