Under new law, deer baiting, feeding bans to expire in NorthwoodsSubmitted: 08/09/2017
Ben Meyer
Ben Meyer
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Under new law, deer baiting, feeding bans to expire in Northwoods
WAUSAU - People in Vilas and Forest counties could begin legally baiting and feeding deer as soon as next fall. Oneida County's baiting and feeding ban could be lifted in 2019.

Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill making that possible last week. Before Walker enacted the law, bans were permanent in those counties.

Tests found the deadly brain disease in deer at a Three Lakes game farm in late 2015. That discovery triggered a ban on baiting and feeding in the three counties near Three Lakes. Research shows CWD can spread when deer cluster around feeding sites.

But the ban also drew complaints from wildlife watchers and some hunters. The bill Walker signed last week will let the ban expire after three years in CWD counties and after two years in adjacent counties.

"There's been discussions about, do you double up fencing [at game farms]? Do you look at a number of other options out there? I think there's a whole series of things," Walker said on Wednesday in Wausau. "I don't know that this specific ban was the be-all-end-all."

The Wisconsin Conservation Congress pushed strongly to keep county bans in place. This spring, the majority of the DNR's County Deer Advisory Councils voted to extend the feeding ban statewide, instead of letting it end in some places.

"We're going to look at not only working with the Conservation Congress [and] Department of Natural Resources staff, but others who are concerned and interested about this to make sure that science is driving all the decisions we make," Walker said.

State regulators found deer with CWD at the same Three Lakes farm last fall. That means Oneida County will be under a ban until at least 2019. More infected deer would push the ban out even further. The ban in Vilas and Forest counties will be in place until at least next fall.

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MERRILL - A doctor will need to help decide if the man accused of murdering a Tomahawk man in his driveway last fall was in his right mind.

Eric Moen, 33, pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect in Lincoln County Court on Wednesday.

Moen told police he didn't know why he shot and killed Charles Ramp on November 16th.

Moen ran from the scene and was arrested in western Wisconsin.

He faces up to life in prison if convicted.

More on this story can be found in the initial reports as well as following Moen's initial appearance in court.

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IRONWOOD, MI - A large fire in Ironwood, Michigan killed at least one person early Wednesday morning.

Ironwood Public Safety reports firefighters were called to the downtown building on E. Aurora Street around 4 a.m.  The fire burned a building with businesses and apartments.

Crews pulled three people from apartment windows on upper floors, but another person pulled from the fire died at the hospital.  The Public Safety Department didn't release the victim's name or age.

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THREE LAKES - Getting diagnosed with a rare disease can be a scary, isolating feeling. A Three Lakes girl and her mother don't view it that way, they want to show the disease doesn't define 11- year- old Ada.
"It came out of the blue you have a child and don't know you're going to encounter that," said Ada's mother Jennifer West.
Jennifer knew something was different when her two year old daughter was shrinking in size and had bowed legs.

"[It was] a turning point in my life as a mom," said Jennifer.
It took nearly 12 specialists to diagnose Ada with XL- Hypophosphatemia, a form of rickets. The genetic disorder that affects one in 20,000 people.
"It's kind of like finding a needle in the haystack and I found out I'm the needle," said Ada.
Ada's body can't properly handle phosphorus, making her bones soft and her figure smaller. That's led to dozens of doctor's appointments and a surgery last week. 

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TOMAHAWK - The Tomahawlk VFW donated two electric wheelchairs to Highground Veterans Memorial Park in Neillsville.

The park features 155 acres with a number of memorials focused on different wars.

"It's just a really great feeling knowing that they can do this and they can get there and spend the time they need to reflect on what they need to reflect on," said Highground Executive Director Jon Weiler.

Weiler said most of the veterans visiting have a hard time moving around the large park without assistance from a wheelchair.

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SUGAR CAMP - A major fire destroyed a machinery repair shop in Sugar Camp on Wednesday morning, sending clouds of black smoke over the Northwoods.

The shop, next to a home on County Highway D west of Sugar Camp, caught fire around 10 a.m.

"There was a machinery malfunction that [the owner said] he was dealing with, and there could also be a heating issue," said Sugar Camp Fire Chief Jason Goeldner. "We got an area to look, but we haven't gotten in there yet to actually try to do a thorough investigation yet."

No one was hurt.

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MINOCQUA - Kevin Bolger worked hard to get to this moment.

The Lakeland Union High School grad has won his fair share of cross-country ski races since earning a high school state championship title in 2011.

But now he'll get the opportunity to represent the United States at the Cross Country World Cup series in Finland and Sweden next month. 

"Skiing at this level is kind of like the next step you want to get to and ski at. I'm just beyond, I can't really explain it, I'm just super excited," said Bolger. 

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PARK FALLS - People in Price County should keep an eye out for fake $20 bills.

The Park Falls Police Department is looking into several cases of a customer using the counterfeit money at various businesses.  The bills all have the same serial number and stand out when you use a detection marker on them.

Police Chief Scott Straetz says the bills look very similar to the real thing, but you can tell the difference if you hold them.

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