Cowboys visit Laona's steam trainSubmitted: 07/16/2017
Dakota Sherek
Dakota Sherek

Cowboys visit Laona's steam train
LAONA - The Camp Five Museum in Laona holds a lot of history. It has a steam train, logging museum, and exhibits using vintage tools. But twice a year, people have the opportunity to get a little more interactive with history.

Train rides and cowboys were featured this weekend at the Camp Five Museum. The museum is known for its Lumberjack Train, but also for its cowboy reenactments.

"We've been doing this since 1999 so that makes it 18 years," said Camp Five Museum Secretary Bookkeeper Mary Verich.

The reenactment involves "bad cowboys" robbing the train, with the good cowboys eventually coming to the rescue. The actors are all in costume and ride in on horseback. 

11-year-old Sam LaPlante's described the reenactment as "Loud." 

But overall, he enjoyed it. When Sam was asked what his favorite part of the day was he said, "When they got on the train and tried to rob us."

Aiden Harris rode the train when he was little, and loved it so much he now he helps out with the old steam engine.

"I do some coal shoveling, bell dinging," said Harris.

And the actors have just as much fun as the passengers.

"I like to watch the reactions on people's faces when you try to do a fake robbery. We come here every year, and I wouldn't miss this for the world," said reenactor Harlen Kwkkel.

It's easy to see why the cowboy reenactment is a big draw for the Camp Five Museum.

"A day where they can really have fun… it's like escaping, like fantasy almost, so it's a fun day," said Verich.

The next reenactment will be on September 30. For more information, you can visit the museum's Facebook page linked below.

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RHINELANDER - Earth Day can be a good time to reflect on the "health" of the world around you.

Nicolet College's Sustainability Fair focuses on all things green this weekend.

This year's theme is Sustainability where you would least expect to find it.

There will be about 40 booths at the fair ranging from gardeners to investment brokers…and even green funerals.

"You know just you and me, what we can do to contribute to the health of the earth and celebrate it," says Ann Eshelman.

The Sustainability Fair starts at 11 AM to 3 PM on Sunday.

For more info, click below.

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MADISON - The state Department of Justice will prosecute a Taylor County sheriff's detective for releasing records of two unsolved murders to producers of a national television show.

Sergeant Steven Bowers is accused of felony misconduct in public office.

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MERRILL - You might walk down your town's streets and never realize what major events happened there years before.

For that reason, the Merrill Historical Society will bring back History Hunt this year.

It's a bit of an adult scavenger hunt, a road rally, and a trivia contest all-in-one.

The goal is to have a little friendly competition, while learning about Merrill's 130 years of fire history.

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EAGLE RIVER -  Several Northwoods schools wanted to make it clear to their students Wednesday, there's always someone there to talk to.
Anti-Bullying and suicide prevention speaker Bob Lenz spoke at Three Lakes and Northland Pines high schools Wednesday.
Northland Pines Dean of Students Josh Tilley said he hopes students walk away from the talk knowing they can reach out to at least one person when they feel alone.

"Over the last few years, we've been bringing speakers in, national, local and state speakers so that we can really help our students understand that if they feel different they have the opportunity to be an individual, but if it's hurting them they can get help," said Tilley.
Northland Pines staff members recently looked closely at their relationships with students by reviewing class rosters.
They want to make sure all students have support.

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MARATHON COUNTY - Two important Wisconsin products won't benefit from a possible trade war. It will likely hurt them. Last month President Trump placed tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum imports. China came back and slapped tariffs on more than 100 U.S. products. The motives are political. But the effects trickle down to hurt local economies. 

When it comes to growing ginseng, nobody does it quite like Marathon County. 

"Wisconsin ginseng is sort of the cream of the crop when it comes to American ginseng," said Hsu's Ginseng Enterprises Director of Operations Mike Klemp-North. 

Ninety percent of the U.S.'s ginseng crop is grown in Wisconsin. Ninety-five percent of that crop is grown in Marathon County.

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ANTIGO - People around the country will see just how much a police officer killed in the line of duty meant to his family and community.

Karl's Transport in Antigo revealed its newest semi-trailer design Tuesday afternoon.  The trailer features Everest Metro Detective Jason Weiland.  Weiland, 40, was shot and killed in a shooting rampage around the Wausau area on March 22, 2017.

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RHINELANDER - In a few days, nearly every face of every Rhinelander police chief will greet you when you walk into the department.

In the nineties, a local artist sketched the faces of many Rhinelander Police Chiefs.

Recently, another artist stepped up to finish the job.

"I know every little inch of [their] face[s] now," said Rhinelander artist Tom Barnett.

For the past few weeks, Barnett has stared at and studied the faces of Rhinelander Police Chief Lloyd Gauthier, and two of his predecessors Michael Steffes and Glenn Parmeter.

"It's quite creepy if you go up to someone and tell them that," said Barnett with a laugh.

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