Local business owners fed up with downtown Rhinelander constructionSubmitted: 06/19/2017
Erin Beu
Erin Beu

Local business owners fed up with downtown Rhinelander construction
RHINELANDER - Businesses in downtown Rhinelander knew the last 15 months would be a challenge, as a 22-block reconstruction project tore up streets, sidewalks, and utilities.

However, as the city hits the final stretch of work, many businesses feel it's not ending soon enough.

"It pisses me off," said local Davenport Street attorney Brian Bennett.

According to Bennett, road crews were expected to start on the road work in front of his office weeks ago. 

"It's taken weeks and weeks and weeks," said Bennett.

Bennett also said crews have closed down parts of Davenport Street without any work actually being done on some days, and he wants to know why.

"Tell us. Tells us what's going on," said Bennett.

Additionally, Bennett said Public Works Director Tim Kingman has stopped responding to him.

"Just let us know, keep us in the loop," said Bennett.

Kingman admits there have been more delays than he expected.

"This year has been a challenge with the weather," \Kingman said.

Kingman asks everyone to be patient and keep the final product in mind.

"Not delays, not the weather, not any of that, just the end product," said Kingman.

Bennett isn't the only person downtown who is fed up with the construction.

Brown Street business owner Michele Baumgartner says even though the roadwork in front of her business is done, it's still not finished.

"Now, back behind my back door is Stevens Street, and that's been closed now for going on two weeks, I think. And the weather seems to be fine during the week, so I don't know what the holdup is," said Baumgartner.

Kingman says regardless of the delays, the project is on track to finish by June 30.

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Missing 84-year-old man foundSubmitted: 10/21/2017

EAGLE RIVER - A woman reported her 84-year-old husband who suffers from dementia missing, at around 5 a.m. Saturday morning, in Eagle River.

The Vilas County Sheriff's Office searched the home and buildings on the property when they arrived on scene.

At around 9 a.m. a member of the Newbold Fire Department Search and Rescue and his K-9 found the man near his home.

He was not injured.

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RHINELANDER - Wild Instincts celebrated the release of BBC's "Supercharged Otters," which filmed at Wild Instincts in Rhinelander.

Saturday's viewing at Rouman Cinema in Rhinelander had a complementary showing of the episode.

The episode features otters that spent seven months with Rehabilitation Director Mark Naniot and his team.

The episode gives people a look into the life of an otter.

"Like everything else it's the web of life. Everything's all interconnected and even if it's just the pure enjoyment of watching an otter swim or catch a fish and seeing how playful they are sliding down a mudslide or sliding through the snow that alone is immeasurable really," said Naniot.

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RHINELANDER - Just a year ago, days looked a lot different for Rhinelander's Jane Dunbar. For 27 years up to her 2016 retirement, she built a career.

"I worked for the state health department," she said. "I worked in public health for communicable disease and immunization."

Now, Dunbar picks days she'd like to work as a substitute teacher at Pelican Elementary School.

"I've been doing kindergarten today, and I really like the kindergarten," she said on Wednesday. "They're really active."

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MINOCQUA - Pretty soon little ghosts, goblins and ghouls will hit the streets expecting tricks or treats.

However, some families may take their kids to church or club festivities as a safer way to celebrate.

Some of those places could actually attract convicted nonviolent sex offenders.

"[Kids] can't defend themselves at that age," said Minocqua vacationer and grandmother Donna Davies.

Davies thinks Halloween is a time to keep an extra eye out for sex offenders.

"With sex offenders you need to be super cautious," said Davies.

In Minocqua, there are no laws keeping nonviolent sex offenders from attending youth groups, children's activities and even boy scouts meetings.

"The public thinks sex offenders are a threat to public safety," said Minocqua Town Chairman Mark Hartzheim.

He says sex offenders are always around, but trick or treating can get dangerous.

"They're there and we don't always know they are there," said Hartzheim.

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KINGSFORD, MI - Fridays in Kingsford, Michigan belong to the Flivver faithful.

"Being a Flivver is a part of our life," Kingsford High School senior Mitchell Wiltzius said.

It's a special name and mascot reserved for just one community.  The name comes from the old Ford plant in Kingsford that once produced station wagons starting in 1931.

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LINCOLN COUNTY - A man died after his ATV hit a bear in northwest of Tomahawk.

Lincoln County Sheriff's Deputies tell us it happened just after 7:30 p.m. Thursday night in the Town of Wilson.

A 51 year old man had been headed west on County Road CC, east of Poplar Drive.

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ANTIGO - You'll always find 11-year-old Mara Antone wearing her helmet while she's on a bike. Last week, after leaving the Antigo Boys and Girls Club, she had an unexpected encounter. 

"I was riding home and I saw a cop car go and I waved," said Mara. 

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