Tomahawk Stove Junction gets sales award Submitted: 04/20/2017
Tomahawk Stove Junction gets sales award
Story By Stephanie Haines

TOMAHAWK - Only in northern Wisconsin would a fireplace store get an award for high sales.

That's exactly what Tomahawk Stove Junction got this week.

Valor Gas Fireplaces, a Vancouver-based company, preseented the store with an award for the highest
sales of Valor product in the state of Wisconsin.

The Valor representative said normally the company doesn't give out awards, but Tomahawk was a special case.

"Tomahawk has done such an amazing job based on the area that they're in, that I really felt something was in order," said Valor representative Gary Freeland. "And when they took a look at it and all the promotion they've been doing with Valor for the last couple years, it's unusual." 

Tomahawk Stove Junction owner George Dalbec said he's been selling Valor fireplaces for about two years. 

On its website, Valor claims to be the original inventor of gas fireplaces. 

"Especially in the Northwoods, it sells itself," Dalbec said. 

Tomahawk Mayor Steve Taskay also came to the presentation.

"I'm proud of any business in the city of Tomahawk that are able to take a product and promote it and be the best at it in the state," Taskay said. "That's a great thing for the city of Tomahawk."

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