New Kayla Berg sign to be displayed in AntigoSubmitted: 02/16/2017
Story By Stephanie Haines

New Kayla Berg sign to be displayed in Antigo
ANTIGO - Soon anyone who drives through Antigo will see a new reminder that Kayla Berg is still missing.

The 15-year-old disappeared in August 2009. Police still have not solved the case.

They're hoping a new sign will catch people's attention and maybe prompt someone to come forward with new information.

Antigo police were on their way to Madison last spring to take Kayla's mom, Hope Sprenger, to a memorial for missing children. On the way, they stopped in Lodi at Belco Vehicle Solutions, LLC, which is the company that helps Antigo police with their cars. They introduced Sprenger to the workers at Belco. Then, the company's leaders felt compelled to make new signs to remind people of Kayla.

Antigo Police received the signs earlier this month. They are made of aluminum. Police want to put the signs on Highway 45 near the Country Market signs. That's where the old Kayla Berg sign was, but police took it down last fall when weather wore it out.

Sprenger hopes the sign will bring some sign of Kayla.

"As much as she's my life, she's become a part of theirs," Sprenger said of police. "They want the answers as much as I do."

Antigo Police Chief Eric Roller says he gets emotional when he talks about Kayla's case. She disappeared just months after he became chief. He hasn't stopped thinking about it since.

"It's emotional on the support we get from everybody," Roller said. "People local and far away that are really helping us to see what we can find out about Kayla, which is a great feeling."

Roller wants to make sure the case won't fade. Now, neither will the new sign.

"I was hoping for something that will lead us to an answer and we can give the family something," Roller said.

"That's the best thing I could ask for besides bringing her back to me is to keep her story out there and keep it alive," Sprenger said.

If you have any information about Kayla, Antigo police want you to call 715-627-6411.

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