Northland Pines students host law enforcement officers for lunchSubmitted: 01/27/2017
Rose McBride
Rose McBride

Northland Pines students host law enforcement officers for lunch
EAGLE RIVER - It's been a while since Vilas County Patrol Deputy Will Krueger had a school lunch. 

"I had a chicken patty, I had some fruit, I had a piece of pizza and I had some tater tots and also chocolate milk," said Krueger. 

Northland Pines Middle School hosted Krueger and his fellow officers from the the Vilas County Sheriff's Office and Eagle River Police Department for the school's first Law Enforcement Appreciation Lunch. 

Officers had their choice of food, and then sat with the kids to eat. It gave students a chance to thank the officers. 

"I think it was a good idea to have the officers here today to appreciate what they do because they do a lot for our community," said seventh grader Isaiah Samuelson. 

It also gave officers the chance to show students they aren't people to be scared of, but rather people who will help them. 
"Anytime you get to interact with the kids in their environment and they get to see us in a positive manner…I think they're going to take something away from this which is going to help them out on the streets when they end up seeing us out of contact," said Krueger. 

They talked to students about their jobs, but also what the kids were interested in. 

"They were talking about everything. They were talking about how many foods they eat ranch with, they were talking about what they do after school, the activities they're involved with, and their favorite classes," said Principal Dan Marien. 

Marien called the event a success. 

"The kids really enjoyed it and I think it was good for our law enforcement as well to be seen in a positive light so I definitely can see this happening next year as well and the years to come," said Marien.

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