Northland Pines High School plans to wow crowds with its version of Beauty and the BeastSubmitted: 02/10/2017
Erin Beu
Erin Beu

Northland Pines High School plans to wow crowds with its version of Beauty and the Beast
EAGLE RIVER - A local high school wants to share a tale as old as time. Northland Pines High School plans to wow crowds with its version of Beauty and the Beast.

Malcom McCanles doesn't speak much French. 

"Michelle mademoiselle, it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight. And that's all you get. That's all you get, " McCanles says, acting out a scene from the play.

But his accent is getting put to the test this weekend. 

"I think my accent is kind of unique, I guess because it's not a total French accent, and I think I really made it my own," he says.

McCanles is a key part of the Northland Pines theater crew inviting you to be their guest for the school's performances of Beauty and the Beast. Rehearsal started back in November, which isn't a lot of time to learn all the lines, songs, and dances.

But with a lot of hard work and some laughs, the musical's director Kate Janssen makes sure the end product is happily ever after. 

"Each week or each day, new layers get added in to make the show come to life," says Janssen.

These kids are learning a lot more than just their lines. 

"Playing a character on stage also teaches you something about yourself. And for a lot of kids its confidence and for a lot of kids it's just knowing that they are important and they have a voice and they have something to say," explains Janssen.

Janssen says this musical has done something she's never seen before--it's breaking down high school stereotypes. 

"It brings together kids from a lot of different groups around the school. And we like, it's not just band kids, it's not just choir kids, it's not just drama kids. Its kids who want to give something a try," says Janssen.

Kids like Malcom McCanles, who expects months of hard work to transform into three shows of true beauty. 

"It's really fun to just kinda make people laugh and hear the laughter after you tell a joke or do something funny on stage," says McCanles.

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GERMANTOWN (AP) - Authorities say a pedestrian was killed when he ran out on Interstate 41 near Germantown and was struck by a car.

Germantown police say the accident happened just after midnight on Sunday. The car was in the center lane when it hit the pedestrian, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

WISN-TV reports that shortly before the accident officers were called to a business in the area on a report of a disorderly subject. The man ran off before officers arrived.

No further details have been released.

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MINOCQUA - The Gem and Mineral show celebrated its 50th year in Minocqua this weekend. While all the vendors there are passionate about their product, one in particular seems to hold his in high regard.

"Basically it's what I thrive on," said Bill Schoenfuss.

Bill Schoenfuss is passionate about his business.

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THREE LAKES -  Three people turned tragic accidents into an opportunity to change lives.

"There's always a way to get over any obstacle you think you can't get around," said 27-year-old Anthony Regole. 

Regole found his way around one of the biggest obstacles of his life when he was 16.

"I was in a car accident and that's how I became a T-11 complete paraplegic," said Regole.

However, instead of feeling defeated he found new strength. Now, he and wants to share a piece of his strength with others. Regole started the SpineCore Foundation this year to give people with physical disabilities like 45 year old Pete LaPage a chance to do adaptive outdoors sports with a specialized camp.

"I don't like to be inside I need to be outside!" said LaPage.

24 years ago LaPage dropped off a 20 ft. embankment and broke his back during a three wheeler accident.

"Everyday there's a challenge you find a way to overcome make it a little adventure," said LaPage.
Breanna Kinneman started dealing with new challenges just a year ago when she had to have both legs amputated after a car crash. However, being around LePage and Regole showed her there's no reason to slow down.

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EAGLE RIVER - Eight women started a quilting legacy more than 20 years ago. The Cranberry Country Quilt Show comes to Eagle River every two years. However, itswhat the show does all year round that sets it apart.

The Quilting Guild is a nonprofit organization that makes quilts to give to those in need in the department on aging and local women shelters.

"I'd like to find more resources of people that need quilts. For the homeless shelter we make bags with shampoos and soaps and we make as many as we can and they give them to people that need them," said Cranberry Country Quilt Show Chairman Wendy Ahnen. 

Cindy Eggers is an award winning quilter and one of the original members of the guild.This year she was the honoree quilter. She's proud of the impact her quilts make.

"It's wonderful because people respond back with thank you notes for like a baby quilt or maybe their home has been burned. We have a quilt that we can give them when they've lost everything. It's rewarding very rewarding," said Eggers. 

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MINOCQUA - Minocqua hosted not one, but three different races Saturday. Each run was all a part of the Bear Cupboard Run.

People could participate in a half marathon or 5K. For the younger runners, there was a cubby run. All in all about 500 people participated. 

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NORTHWOODS - Local lawn care services hope the rain we saw Friday will give them more business.

We've had 41 days of hot, humid weather this summer. That's more than double than last year.

Those temperatures are taking a toll on our yards.

Owner of "Brian's Fairway Look" Brian Perschon feels right at home behind a lawn mower.

"I just love cutting grass. I love doing it. It's not really work for me," said Perschon.

Perschon noticed the once glossy, green grass is now dry and yellow
Perschon uses fertilizer on the lawns he mows to avoid having to deal with dull grass.

"If you take care of it, it'll take care of you," said Perschon.

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Newbold Town Hall gets repairsSubmitted: 07/20/2018

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NEWBOLD - Last year, members of the Newbold Town Board discovered their building needed some repairs.

The sides of the town hall started to pull away from the building, becoming a safety hazard.

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