Northland Pines' Lexi Smith signs with NMUSubmitted: 11/09/2016
Northland Pines' Lexi Smith signs with NMU
Story By Katie Leszcynski

EAGLE RIVER - For high school athletes all around the country, National Signing Day makes reaching their collegiate goals official. On Wednesday, Lexi Smith from Northland Pines signed her papers to officially become a Northern Michigan Wildcat next year.

Even though Smith played multiple sports at Northland Pines, she has decided to play basketball at the D2 school. Smith is very excited to play at the next level and has even met some of her future teammates already.

"I wanted to stay close to home and that's definitely close to home, it's only two and a half hours away which was nice. They offered me a scholarship for basketball and that's the sport I wanted to play for college. I really liked it there and the area is really nice too."

She's even been able to visit the school and meet some of the players.

"I've met the team. I went up for some visits and met everybody. I actually played AAU with one of the girls' sisters. It'll just be fun to play at the higher level with more competition and it'll be a lot of fun," said Smith.

Smith has been on the varsity basketball team all 4 years and her coach had nothing but nice things to say about his athlete.

"The impact that she has brought has yet to be measured. On and off the court, she's a role model. She's respected, she's a leader and above all she's a student and an athlete. She's gracious, humble, and an outstanding person," said Head Coach Larry Bergum.

Her parents were also at the signing day ceremony. For her mom, Julie, she knows NMU is the right fit for Lexi.

"I feel very comfortable because she's happy with the decision. She made this choice and she may have had pressure from friends to go D1 or farther away or a school with tougher competition but she made this choice because it was a good fit for her."

Smith is looking forward to being so close to home, with NMU being only two and a half hours away. We'll bring you more highlights from Northland Pines basketball all season long.

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GERMANTOWN (AP) - Authorities say a pedestrian was killed when he ran out on Interstate 41 near Germantown and was struck by a car.

Germantown police say the accident happened just after midnight on Sunday. The car was in the center lane when it hit the pedestrian, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

WISN-TV reports that shortly before the accident officers were called to a business in the area on a report of a disorderly subject. The man ran off before officers arrived.

No further details have been released.

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THREE LAKES -  Three people turned tragic accidents into an opportunity to change lives.

"There's always a way to get over any obstacle you think you can't get around," said 27-year-old Anthony Regole. 

Regole found his way around one of the biggest obstacles of his life when he was 16.

"I was in a car accident and that's how I became a T-11 complete paraplegic," said Regole.

However, instead of feeling defeated he found new strength. Now, he and wants to share a piece of his strength with others. Regole started the SpineCore Foundation this year to give people with physical disabilities like 45 year old Pete LaPage a chance to do adaptive outdoors sports with a specialized camp.

"I don't like to be inside I need to be outside!" said LaPage.

24 years ago LaPage dropped off a 20 ft. embankment and broke his back during a three wheeler accident.

"Everyday there's a challenge you find a way to overcome make it a little adventure," said LaPage.
Breanna Kinneman started dealing with new challenges just a year ago when she had to have both legs amputated after a car crash. However, being around LePage and Regole showed her there's no reason to slow down.

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EAGLE RIVER - Eight women started a quilting legacy more than 20 years ago. The Cranberry Country Quilt Show comes to Eagle River every two years. However, itswhat the show does all year round that sets it apart.

The Quilting Guild is a nonprofit organization that makes quilts to give to those in need in the department on aging and local women shelters.

"I'd like to find more resources of people that need quilts. For the homeless shelter we make bags with shampoos and soaps and we make as many as we can and they give them to people that need them," said Cranberry Country Quilt Show Chairman Wendy Ahnen. 

Cindy Eggers is an award winning quilter and one of the original members of the guild.This year she was the honoree quilter. She's proud of the impact her quilts make.

"It's wonderful because people respond back with thank you notes for like a baby quilt or maybe their home has been burned. We have a quilt that we can give them when they've lost everything. It's rewarding very rewarding," said Eggers. 

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"Basically it's what I thrive on," said Bill Schoenfuss.

Bill Schoenfuss is passionate about his business.

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People could participate in a half marathon or 5K. For the younger runners, there was a cubby run. All in all about 500 people participated. 

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DES MOINES - Forecasters say at least five tornadoes touched down as an unexpected swarm of destructive storms hit central Iowa.

National Weather Service meteorologist Jeff Johnson said Friday that it will take days to determine the strength and total number of the twisters that hit three town on Thursday afternoon.

The storms injured at least 17 people , flattened buildings and forced the evacuation of a hospital.

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ANTIGO - One Antigo woman needed more space to share her folk medicine knowledge.

To keep up with demand, Kelly Keyser-Millar recently moved her 'Mortar and Pestle' shop right next door from its old location in downtown Antigo.

Digestion problems are a common reason that people come into the shop.

She recommends digestive bitters to get your system moving naturally.

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