Fab Lab prepares students for the modern workforceSubmitted: 09/17/2014
Story By Karolina Buczek

Fab Lab prepares students for the modern workforce
THREE LAKES - Students in Three Lakes will learn how to use new technology like 3D printers and laser cutters this year. It's all part of the district's brand new Fab Lab.

Fab Labs have the most modern manufacturing equipment. Students will learn to use the same tools that businesses use. The lab manager thinks that will help students from Three Lakes get better jobs.

"One of the things employers are looking for are students who can work through a process like the engineering process we use," says Dr. Steve Yahr, the Fab Lab manager. "The other things employers are looking for students who are not afraid of technology."

Teachers think students need to know how to use modern technology because it'll help them in the workforce.

"Technology is increasingly finding it's way into the workplace," says Yahr. "Employers are looking for people who can use technology like this, work their ways through problems, and finish up their projects like they'll be doing in the workforce."

The lab isn't like a normal classroom. Students get projects to work through instead of taking exams. Teachers think that will help improve students' critical thinking.

The lab will also work closely with local businesses to help students become better employees.

"We're going to be working with [local businesses] to see what skills they're looking for," says Yahr. "Then [we'll figure out] how to map the learning experiences that our students are going to get to ensure that they develop those skills."

The lab is the first K-12 Fab Lab in the state. School leaders think it's better to introduce students to the engineering design process as early as possible. The goal is to teach students to think differently to solve problems.

"It's an open ended curriculum. The students work through a project and if they run into an issue working through the project, they stop, they back up, they think about what they're doing, and they move forward again," says Yahr.

The lab was funded through a $132,000 grant from the state Department of Workforce Development.

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RHINELANDER - On Sunday night, some first responders made their way to an accident in Rhinelander and saw something unusual. Or rather, they didn't see something they'd usually find.

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The "See Me Tri" Triathlon is on and around Clear Lake in Woodruff.

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"I mean Clear Lake; it's beautiful! You come and start your swim and transition to your bike and run at the same location. The proceeds go to two great organizations!"says LAMBO Vice President & Tri committee member, Jessica Johnson.

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Currently, vendors can collect money for groceries paid for through SNAP by using a mobile app.

But the software company Novo Dia Group announced they will discontinue their mobile market plus app by July 31st. 

The Hodag Farmers' Market in Rhinelander is one of 18 markets throughout the state rely on that app to do business. 

With no option to use food stamps at the farmers' market, community and vendor liaison Jasmyn Schmidt worries people will turn to unhealthy alternatives.

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MANITOWISH WATERS - Monday marked the 39th day temperatures have been in or above the 80s in the Northwoods.

Some of us may complain of the hot, humid, heat but cranberry farmers are delighted.

You won't hear co-owner of Bartling's Manitowish Cranberry Company in Manitowish Waters Steven Bartling complain about the heat anytime soon.

"Basically this year we went to winter to summer and then boom! All the things were growing, growing fast," said Bartling.

He can't be certain yet, but he thinks this year will be one of the best harvesting seasons he's seen because of the hot summer.

According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, last year cranberry farmers produced 12 percent fewer barrels of cranberries than in 2016.

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MADISON - Foxconn Technology Group plans to open facilities in west-central Wisconsin.

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The company says it will use The Grand as a laboratory and the Haymarket Landing space as an innovation center, creating at least 150 jobs. Foxconn plans to close this year and begin operations next year.

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