Antigo man makes props for HollywoodSubmitted: 02/24/2014
Story By Karolina Buczek

Antigo man makes props for Hollywood
ANTIGO - Hollywood meets the Northwoods.

George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Al Berger of Antigo all play a key role in the movie, Monuments Men.

Berger made a replica of a World War II bicycle used in the movie.

"These are the most accurate, correct. There's really nothing better. Other guys have created them but they used the wrong frame, wrong headlight and I've done it so long I can just nitpick and say that's wrong, that's wrong or correct," said Al Berger, owner of Bergerwerk.

In March 2013, a propmaster for the movie contacted Berger.

They needed Berger to ship one of his bikes to Germany quickly because movie production was about to start.

"I had a bike ready but it needed some basic cosmetic work to make it movie ready," said Berger.

Remaking vintage bikes is nothing new for Berger.

He makes his replicas by studying the parts on a real WWII bike.

"There's not a lot of websites out there to study this or books so if you get an original, you have basically a master to go off and do reproduction parts as needed," said Berger.

His attention to detail makes his bikes look like real military bikes.

"Even tires, you can see this tire has,it's called a centipede thread and I actually found a replica pair which is cool so that's almost the correct tire too," said Berger.

Berger's original bike is his key to making successful replicas.

He hopes to actually use the bike for fun one day.

"I'm trying to find some tires because these are no longer rideable. So I haven't even ridden the bike yet which is a bummer. But I will some day," said Berger.

The bike Berger made for the movie is used in an important scene.

Berger hopes to continue making his bikes for Hollywood.

"My next goal is to have Steven Spielberg call me up. He's the master of WWII movies. You know if I can get Steve to call me, I'd be willing to give him a bunch of bikes too," said Berger.

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Starting a new health routine can be intimidating, but easing into the process can do the trick.

Just as balance is key in yoga, it is important to have in your lifestyle, too.

That's a mindset that Laurel Parins lives by.

"Whether that is a twenty minute walk, a class here at the studio… that will make you happier when you're not restricting yourself," says Parins.

She opened Roots Health Studio in Minocqua at the end of May after working in the fitness and nutrition field in Green Bay for some years.

"I really wanted to bring my knowledge of healthy lifestyle-living back to the community I grew up in."

Laurel gets that a new "health journey" can be intimidating, but she says you can't go wrong.

"Once you try it, you'll never regret it."

Laurel offers yoga and barre classes, personal training, and nutrition services at Roots.

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