Homeless man killed in Milwaukee hit-and-runSubmitted: 10/27/2013
MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee police say a 45-year-old homeless man was struck and killed in a hit-and-run accident.

A police statement says the man was crossing a street Saturday night when he was struck by a Cadillac Escalade driven by a woman who initially fled but later turned herself in.

The statement says there's reason to believe the 47-year-old motorist was impaired at the time of the accident.

The victim's name was not immediately released

Story By: Associated Press

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Young girls learn that manners matter at a tea party Submitted: 07/09/2014

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RHINELANDER - Manners matter, especially in public. A group of local librarians is looking to teach them to young girls.

Rhinelander District Library held their annual tea party Wednesday. A large group of girls had the chance to enjoy hors d'oeurves and an interpretive dance.

The librarians want to emphasize how important it is to learn table manners.

"We always talk about please's and thank you's obviously, passing everything to your right," said Children's Department Assistant Librarian Denise Chojnacki. "The one that really cracks us up is when we say 'And everybody sit up in their chair.' The whole room just perks up. So we get a big kick out of that, but it's good for them to know manners when they go out in public."

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Graduate student seeks to learn how invasive species interact in Northwoods lakesSubmitted: 07/09/2014

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BOULDER JUNCTION - Much of graduate student Adrienne Gemberling's life this summer revolves around what's going on in a dozen hot-tub sized tanks standing side-by-side at UW-Madison's Trout Lake Research Station near Boulder Junction.

She hopes to find answers to meaningful biological questions.

Adrienne wants to know if some invasive species keep each other in check if they're in the same lake.

She also wants to see if other combinations help invaders take over lakes faster.

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Tourism season boosts interest in lakefront real estateSubmitted: 07/09/2014

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MINOCQUA - When some tourists fall in love with the Northwoods, they look to buy a second home. That's keeping area realtors busy during the busiest part of this tourist season.

A record 474 new listings in Oneida and Vilas counties came on the market in May alone. Many sellers waited until the snow and ice melted. About 100 homes were listed each week during the month of June.

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Flooding could affect private wellsSubmitted: 07/09/2014

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WISCONSIN - A snowy winter and wet summer add up to more than just isolated flooding. DNR leaders are concerned that private wells across the state could become unsafe to use. Cities and towns are required to test their drinking water frequently, but private well owners must take it upon themselves to check their wells. DNR drinking water staff say there are clear warning signs that your well is contaminated.

"The first thing I would look for is any time there is a change in appearance, taste, or smell of their water; they should be doing some type of investigation," says DNR Drinking Water Program Director Mark Pauli. "Typically, you'll be able to see signs if some sort of flooding has occurred for a person's well."

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Bike trail connection highlights Vilas County as biking destinationSubmitted: 07/09/2014

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BOULDER JUNCTION - More and more, Northwoods tourism leaders see bicycling as a major draw for visitors.

On Wednesday, workers finished paving the newest segment of trail.

The stretch should make Vilas County an even more attractive biking destination.

The pavement was completed between Boulder Junction and Manitowish Waters.

The Boulder Junction area sees itself as a model for other systems.

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4 people charged with throwing rocks off a bridgeSubmitted: 07/09/2014

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FOREST COUNTY - Four people face charges for throwing rocks off a bridge.

Sheriff deputies believe 18 year-old Mariya Tuckwab, 19 year-old Thomas Hines Jr., 20 year-old Ryan Kitchmaster, and 21 year-old Dillon Votis threw rocks off a bridge in Forest County last month.

Some of the rocks hit a truck going under the bridge near Highway 8 and County Highway G.

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Companies outsource jobs after getting money from economic development agencySubmitted: 07/09/2014

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WISCONSIN - A new report shows at least two companies outsourced jobs after receiving money from the state's economic development agency.

One of the companies received a second award from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC)even after the fact.

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