Packers hold end-of-season press conferenceSubmitted: 01/28/2015
GREEN BAY - Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy will focus on starting off the 2015 season clean.

That was the tone of his end of the season press conference Wednesday.

McCarthy says he is proud of all the Packers accomplished this season.

That's despite his team's collapse in the NFC Championship game, but now it's all about the future.

"The 2015 football team will not bear the burden of what happened in 2014 or before that," says McCarthy. "That's not the way we operate. We won't internalize the things that go on outside our building. We're going to create another opportunity to build the best football team we can in 2015 and we're going to go for it."

Part of going for it means making changes.

McCarthy says that process starts right now.

"It's important to evaluate," says McCarthy. "I obviously haven't had that opportunity, so we'll look at everything. We'll look at every job description, every job responsibility, performance, mine included and we'll look to make changes."

Those changes include preparing for the upcoming NFL Draft.

That's something for which general manager Ted Thompson has already planning.

Story By: Dan Marz

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